Bunting Pairs with Shopware!

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We’re excited to announce a new partnership with an innovative eCommerce platform at the forefront of the industry: Shopware!

Shopware create beautiful, responsive eCommerce solutions, trusted by over 54,000 online stores globally.

At the heart of Shopware’s ethos is what they call ’emotional shopping’: creating beautiful, vibrant shopping experiences that produce a dramatic effect on the visitor.

Bunting is now available to all Shopware customers as an easy install plug-in, available in the Shopware Community store. Shopware users can benefit from Bunting’s personalization suite of real-time personalised recommendations, behavioural targeting, and abandoned cart recovery.

We’re looking forward to helping Shopware users raise conversions and hit their KPIs with personalisation. Likewise, we’re excited to work with the innovative and forward thinking people at Shopware!

Interested in Shopware as a platform? Find out more here.

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