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10 Unbelievable Marketing Conferences You Should Attend in 2019

In the digital area of today, it is more important than ever to build and solidify business relationships. What better way to expand your network and make an impression on your industry, than to attend one of the top marketing conferences around the globe? Marketing conferences are the perfect way to discover new methods and […]

By: Daniel Farman 18th April 2019

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IRX 19: A Recap

Last week saw the return of the Internet Retail Expo (IRX) come to the NEC, Birmingham! As one of the UK’s largest eCommerce shows, this year saw appearances from some of the industries top players. At Stand G37, we at Bunting showed up to release a ground-breaking eCommerce tool… an effort worth two years in […]

By: Daniel Farman 15th April 2019

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live chat software

Ecommerce Live Chat Software: A Complete Guide

Ecommerce Live Chat software is typically an online customer service tool with live customer support and web analytics capabilities. Rather than slower forms of communication, such as email, live chat software allows your brand rapid communication with shoppers. After a few years of integration, studies now suggest that 77% of customers will be reluctant to […]

By: Daniel Farman 10th April 2019

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word-of-mouth marketing

8 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tactics to Leverage Ecommerce Sales

Shared information is very powerful, especially if you trust the source. Word-of-mouth marketing is a very important way to promote your brand, access your target market and build trust through recommendations. The introduction of social media has changed word-of-mouth somewhat. Rather than relying on the possibility that a customer will recommend your brand to a […]

By: Daniel Farman 29th March 2019 Tags: , , , , ,

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social media influencer

How to Create a Social Media Influencer Campaign in 5 Steps

You probably know what a social media influencer is by now. If you haven’t, they are the ‘popular group’ of the social media world. The people that make a lifestyle out of their ability to hop onto trends and set a tone for their audience. Their talent lies with their ability to build and maintain […]

By: Daniel Farman 22nd March 2019

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Bunting Is Attending IRX 2019

The IRX (Internet Retail Expo) will be hitting Birmingham once again at the NEC between April 3rd and 4th. The annual show boasts over 150 exhibitors and 100 speakers with more than 5000 attendees – all eager to learn about the latest innovations in online retail. There will be Workshops, Expert Clinics, Live Talks. The […]

By: Daniel Farman 18th March 2019

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social media campaign

The 5 Most Inspiring Social Media Campaign Examples of 2019

In a heavily competitive marketplace, marketing teams are having to get creative if they are to stand out from the crowd through a social media campaign. Anything is possible through digital, incentivising brands to really stretch the standards of those previous. Whether it drums up a positive or negative response, a social media campaign can […]

By: Daniel Farman 15th March 2019

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Conversion Optimisation Expert

Expert Interview: How to Optimise for Ecommerce Conversions

I sat down with Ben Smith, personalisation consultant from Bunting to discuss how brands can properly implement ecommerce conversion optimisation tactics in order to drive traffic and convert more sales. What does a typical day look like in your role? Hi I’m Ben, and my role is a personalisation consultant. That means that day-to-day I’m […]

By: Daniel Farman 6th March 2019 Tags: , , , , ,

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How Rebellious Fashion Cleverly Used Cutting Edge Marketing To Become An Ecommerce Success

Rebellious Fashion are an ecommerce female fashion retailer that pride themselves with keeping on top of the latest trends, offering a wide range of items at an affordable price. In order to maintain and grow their online presence, Rebellious use Social Media, Influencer Marketing and Personalisation… along with a few other marketing methods that we’ll […]

By: Daniel Farman 25th February 2019 Tags: , , , , , , ,

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Why Are Ecommerce Customers Demanding Live Shopping Video Streams?

With continuous growth in ecommerce, consumers are demanding more innovative ways to view, interact and purchase products. With a huge boost from social media platforms (specifically YouTube), individuals have become accustomed to interacting with video as a way of obtaining and understand information. Many ecommerce brands are riding the waves of this trend, using Live […]

By: Daniel Farman 8th February 2019 Tags: , , , , ,

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