18 Practical Ideas for Ecommerce Personalization

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A common question for users experimenting with ecommerce personalisation is this:

What personalisation should I use on my site?

Personalisation is limited only by the imagination, however, it always helps to get hold of some some tried and tested ideas to play with. It’s important to note, however, that what works for one website won’t necessarily work for your site. Therefore, you need to split test your campaigns to measure their success.

Here are 18 personalisation ideas to help raise conversions.

1.  Try welcoming new visitors with a non-intrusive pop-up or call-out. Assure them of your customer support and let them know of any sales.

2.  Turn your loyal customers into brand ambassadors! Why not reward your frequent buyers with a special offer, a sneaky peek at new product lines or a free gift?

3. Tailor your website’s banners and featured products to your visitor’s interests. Relevance is key.

4. Why not welcome back returning visitors with a personalised message? This is mimicking the friendly approach of a shop assistant at a bricks and mortar store.

5. Remind visitors of products they’ve previously browsed. They may still be interested, and by helping them with reminders, you’re likely to benefit too.

6. Capture email addresses of visitors abandoning their cart with a “want us to email your cart to you?” message.

7. Send abandoned cart reminders with personalised similar item recommendations – this may help the shopper to find what they want.

8. Support indecisive shoppers with a pop-up directing them to your FAQ or live chat. By helping users find answers to their questions, you’ll likely see more conversions.

9. Help prevent exits by offering a time sensitive discount or free delivery when the user shows intent to leave the site. This can work particularly well for visitors who have never purchased.

10. Show new products relevant to a visitor’s price and product preferences or favourite brands. This is a great way to re-engage returning visitors.

11. Increase first time visitor sales by offering a free gift with their first purchase.

12. Content can help make a sale. Fill your email campaigns with personalised content such as webinars, ebooks or blogs to entice visitors to return to your site.

13. Engage international visitors by displaying a reassuring welcome message showing that you support and deliver to their country. Bonus points if you can do this in their language.

14. Encourage repeat purchases (where relevant) with product replenishment reminders.

15. Display ‘trending products’ on your homepage. Spark interest in products by showing what’s currently popular.

16. Send a personalised ‘we miss you’ email to re-engage old customers, with a discount, free delivery coupon or other incentive to return.

17. Display product suggestions based on shopper’s season or weather conditions.

18. Engage your PPC visitors by displaying content relevant to the keyword term they searched for.

Phew! So there you are. Feel free to give these suggestions a go, and see if they work for you.

If you need a tool to help you implement these ideas, then Bunting‘s website personalisation platform can carry these out with ease.

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