live chat statistics

27 Powerful Ecommerce Live Chat Statistics; 2019

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If you’re planning on implementing a live chat tool into your eCommerce website, you should consider this list of live chat statistics to make a more informed decision.

live chat statistics

As online retail and brick-and-mortar stores continue to merge, your online visitors are demanding a better standard of service if they are to exchange their hard-earned cash.

We live in a fast-paced world and online visitors expect to have their queries mopped-up quickly… nobody will wait around forever.

Email and phone still serve a purpose in your customer service efforts, but they do not hold the immediacy that a Live Chat support feature can. It’s fairly cheap, allows you to discover customer pain points and increases your chances of expanding your market reach.

live chat statistics

Here are 27 Live Chat statistics to help you better understand how this customer service tool has placed itself into the industry.

The live chat statistics

  • With a growing demand for live chat tools, 30% of your customers now expect a live chat tool to appear on your website.

  • Bearing this demand in mind, it is no surprise that 80% of online businesses will be using live chat bots by 2020.

  • Despite some initial scepticism, live chat is now the most popular option for contact between brand and consumer; 42% prefer live chat, 23% for email and 16% of consumers use social media forums.

  • Interestingly, in a different study it was found that 73% of customers were satisfied with their live chat experiences, compared to 61% of email users and 44% of phone users.

  • Out of a small study of 400 consumers, 95% of participants valued thorough, high-quality support compared to speed of service.

  • The importance of providing a live chat option is becoming more evident when we consider that 77% of consumers will not make a purchase from a site that doesn’t provide a live chat option.

  • Providing a live chat option will resonate well with customers. In fact 63% will be more likely to return to your site if it offers a live chat option.

  • In fact, live chat has the highest customer satisfaction rate at 92%.

  • You can expect to see an average increase of 10% in order value from sales generated by those who use a live chat before making a purchase.

  • It is important to maintain your customer support tools efficiently, with 20% of customers willing to stop using a product of service if response times on your chat bots are slow.

  • Out of a study of 1000 websites, it was discovered that 21% of live chat requests are ignored.

  • This seems surprising, especially if we consider that on average, a customer expects their query to be answered within 10 minutes.

  • Whilst 20% of customers have told friends or colleagues about a poor live chat experience, 29% of customers have told friends or colleagues about a positive live chat experience.

  • Out of businesses that have implemented a live chat support strategy, 79% said that it has had a positive effect on sales, revenue and customer loyalty.

  • However, out of those businesses who offer live chat support, 43% know that their user experience is not good enough.

  • Live chat options still require more attention from the brands who implement them, with 29% of customers and 38% of businesses finding scripted, impersonal responses frustrating.

  • In order to improve the quality of support, 51% of customers say that a business should be available for supports 24/7.

  • In addition to this, 41% of customers think that a brand is more trustworthy if it offers a live chat bot on its site.

  • It’s suggested that constant support options would lead to higher baskets and conversions; with 44% of online buyers stating that having questions answered live by a real person is one of the most important features that a website can offer.

  • 52% of customers have said that they view companies more favourably when their customer service is more personalised to them and their interests.

  • Interestingly, out of all live chat software buyers, 61% will be B2B businesses.

  • People like live chat because of its urgency. In fact most issues that arise on live chat will get resolved in 42 seconds.

  • 55% of companies will not offer a transcript of a chat once it has ended, in addition to 45% of companies who do not ask for feedback.

  • If you’re considering the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a live chat tool, it’s important to recognise that providing live chat generally leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% boost in conversion rates.

  • In addition to this, the businesses that offer live chat report 34% improvements in customer satisfaction rates and 2.6X customers care cost improvements.

  • The way that we contact one-another is changing. A recent study found that 61% of consumers below the age of 24 admit that they intentionally avoid calling businesses. In addition, 60% of millennial have said that they prefer using live chat over traditional media.

  • Out of the consumers in the US who frequently message businesses, 69% say that it makes them feel more confident about the brand.

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Live Chat tools are becoming an increasingly important aspect of your eCommerce website. Your customers value the ability to speak to a member of your team quickly, easily and effectively.

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