5 essential e-commerce resources you should be reading

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Keeping up to date with the latest insights and trends in e-commerce is not easy. There’s an abundance of content out there, all wrestling for your attention – which makes actually finding quality reading material an overwhelming task in itself.

To avoid drowning in content, here are 5 excellent resources that Team Bunting highly recommends…

1. Smart Insights


Dave Chaffey’s long-running digital marketing resource centre is not exclusively e-commerce, but is packed full of fascinating material that can benefit vendors enormously.

Contributors are strictly experts in their field, resulting in highly detailed articles that cover a range of digital marketing tactics, case studies and insights. Articles are often longer in length than your typical post, so it’s worth putting some time aside to really get your teeth into the content. The site’s quality downloadable resources are also highly recommended, such as the free digital marketing plan template.

2. Practical E-commerce

practical ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce is a go-to resource for savvy e-commerce professionals to get daily updates, tips and useful recommendations. The site covers content marketing, design, SEO, social media advertising, development, conversion optimization and a host of other useful subjects with articles written especially for e-commerce professionals. The actionable tips and insights it provides make it essential reading material. It updates daily, and is worth following on social media to see what’s new each day.

3. Quick Sprout


Neil Patel’s website is full of really accessible resources not only for people getting to grips with marketing but also those more au-fait, looking to take their skills to the next level. Again, this is not a strictly e-commerce resource, but it is jam packed with useful material for anyone wanting to make their site convert better. This is a particularly good resource for SEO and content marketing, and the videos guides are useful too.

4. Conversion XL


This isn’t a website for quick reading. If you like your articles long, well-researched and informative, then you’ll love reading Conversion XL. It’s a great resource for sharpening e-commerce knowledge and getting to grips with new trends and techniques. CXL’s case studies are full of actionable take-away tips. Highly recommended.

5. Econsultancy


Econsultancy is another go-to resource for marketing and e-commerce professionals. It regularly posts fascinating articles, research, analysis, training, and online resources to help businesses succeed online. Econsultancy is known for being at the forefront of the industry with a very talented team of analysts and experts who generate only high quality material. Definitely a site that should be visited weekly, and worth following on social media too.

So, we hope you find something of use in the websites above, and recommend you bookmark some, if not all of them.  And of course, don’t forget to pop back to the Bunting blog for more e-commerce insights and updates!

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