5 ways to step up your personalization efforts this year

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It’s going to be a big year for eCommerce Personalization.

91% of digital marketers are prioritising it over the next 12 months. And let’s not forget consumers – a shopping experience tailored to their interests is fast becoming an expectation.

Despite this, many marketers and business owners feel their personalisation efforts are still inadequate.

So, to kick off 2016 on a better note, here are some ideas for how to step up your personalisation game this year.

1. Segment smartly

Are your segmentation efforts targeting the right groups? It’s good to target demographics such as age group, gender and location, but this in itself is not enough.

It is essential to leverage behaviour based data, too. Interestingly, only 48% of marketers are currently doing this, and are missing out on enormous opportunities. For example, buyers who have visited your site more than once but who have not yet purchased are a key group who could respond well to targeted content.

2. Don’t forget your home page!

Landing on Amazon’s home page will be an entirely different experience for each customer. Visitors are presented with a shop window tailored to their interests and purchases, with relevant recommendations.

Make sure your homepage is also personalised for each visitor. Consider banners and products related to their favourite brands, and display trending products pertinent to their interests.

3. Up your email game

Email marketing isn’t dead – in fact, it’s one of the most effective channels to personalise.

However, if you don’t have a healthy sized subscription list, what’s the point in the first place?

Think about creative ways to capture email addresses, and, again, segment smartly. First time shoppers are unlikely to give their email address away, but engaged shoppers who have purchased before are far more likely to do so.

Consider using incentives like a time-sensitive offer or free delivery in exchange for an email address. Target users based on their brand preferences with content they’ll love – if the visitor loves brand x, then make sure they’re the first to hear about new x releases, trending products, offers and more by email.

4. Get social

Don’t underestimate the power of social influence when it comes to shopping.

This can easily be injected into your product pages (and personalised recommendations) with stats pertaining to how many people are viewing items, what is selling well, and what is getting low in stock.

Not only does this bring a sense of urgency, but letting shoppers know what is low in stock is a helpful pointer to avoid later disappointment. And your conversions will grow as a result.

5. Reward your VIPs

80% of your future revenue will come from just 20% of your current customers says Gartner Group research. Fortunately, personalisation offers ample opportunities for customer retention.

One great way to keep your shoppers happy, and returning, is to reward them for their loyalty.

Consider rewards which are pertinent to your business. Free delivery is a highly effective one, resulting in typically 30% higher conversion rates, but also consider early access to new sales and product lines, or offers and freebies.

What to do next…

So, to wrap up, keep in mind that this year is a key year for personalisation, and it is therefore vital to step up your efforts if you’re not already doing so. All these tips can be implemented really easily with our personalisation tool, Bunting (get a free account here). See for yourself how the tips in this article help you!

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