The 7 Best Free Live Streaming Software; 2019

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Looking to incorporate a Live Streaming Software into your marketing strategy, but not interested in a high price tag?

Live streaming is a fantastic way to reach out to your niche target audience by telling your brand’s story. In this day and age, faceless brands come second. People respond much better to a company that shows human personality and interacts with its audience.

In its improvised nature, live streaming can first appear like too much of a risk to some brands. But there’s something to say for a company that’s willing to stand by its products on a live, open platform. It shows personality, ethics, and allows you to tell the story behind your brand. It’s an honesty that resonates well with shoppers.

live streaming software

In addition to this, the multi-channel accessibility of live streaming makes it much more effective to reach a wider audience.

This is good news, as the demand for live streaming software is growing amongst retailers. It makes sense, considering 82% of brand audiences would rather watch a live streamed video than read a branded social post.

How would you use Live Streaming Software?

There are many different ways that brands can use live streaming software to speak to their audience, market their products and spread brand awareness. Some key ideas include:

  • Product launches and announcements
  • Live video shopping
  • Q&A sessions with your audience
  • Interviews with industry voices, in-house experts and celebrities/influencers
  • Live events
  • Behind the scenes/product manufacturing

As the growing effectiveness of live streaming is being recognised, it’s no surprise that many social media platforms are integrating live streaming software. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to name some of the smaller ones 😉

These are tools that are already very well known and documented. There are some fantastic resources out there that have already covered these tools… Which is why only alternatives will appear in this list.

Let us know what experience you’ve had with the following live streaming software, and get in contact if you think there’s any we should include.

Cameleon LIVE

live streaming software

Cameleon Live is a simple live streaming app that allows you to broadcast live video from multiple media servers at the same time.

This live streaming software is great for the less tech-savvy amongst us. Cameleon has an action-ready system that means at the tap of a button, you’re streaming HD quality content. Allowing you to stream with most devices across all platforms, Cameleon is a simple, great tool for reaching your target audience through your live marketing content.


live streaming software

Shopcast is a free Live Streaming tool designed to be used by brand affiliates, in-house experts and influencers. Created to be used by retailers, this live streaming software makes it easy to broadcast live video directly from your own website.

Promoting interaction, Shopcast is perfect for increasing the engagement between your brand and your customers. Viewers can comment, interact with the broadcaster, use exclusive discount codes and vote on products in real-time.

Live streaming from your own website is great because there are very limited distractions for the viewer; plus the traffic is all yours.

Disclaimer; we built this! But nevertheless, it’s a great tool, so check out the free version of Shopcast and get in touch if you have any questions.

Streamlabs (OBS)

live streaming software

Streamlabs OBS is an all-in-one live streaming software. It starts with a basic level of key features; integrated Twitch/YouTube chat, video previewer and an editor that are all easily accessible in a clear single window.

Streamlabs is a great tool for personalising and diversifying your live streaming content. It includes features such as:

  • Built-in widgets
  • Face masks and audio filters
  • Overlays and themes
  • Smart video encoding
  • Quick on boarding process
  • Donation management tool

This is a great ‘all containing’ live streaming software for a diverse range of users.


live streaming software

Shadowplay is a live streaming software typically used for recording and sharing gameplay, screen sharing and of course, live streaming video.

It has a pretty cool feature called ‘hotkey’, which will record and save the last 30 seconds of your stream, should anything important happen (there’s also a feature that allows you to make live GIF’s too). By having the ability to simultaneously stream over multiple platforms, you can reach difference audiences at the same time. Shadowplay also supports camera and custom graphic overlays to help you personalise and differentiate your streams from competitors.


live streaming software

XSplit is a broadcasting service that allows users to record and live stream video content and gameplay. It consists of three main features:

  • ‘Broadcaster’ allows you live stream rich video content, whilst integrating scenes, sources and live annotations – you can create multiple scenes and switch between freely.
  • ‘Gamecaster’ enables users to record and stream from a PC or console. There is also a Twitch integration that means you can chat and receive subscribers.
  • ‘VCam’ means that streamers can remove, replace or blur backgrounds without the need for a Green Screen.

XSplit is a great tool for interacting with your audience, editing mid-stream and sharing your content across multiple channels.


Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to broadcast live video through your mobile phone.

This simple live streaming software is great for those who want to engage with their audience through a casual means. Viewers can comment, vote and interact with the broadcaster in real-time. The app is also good at creating exposure; your streams will appear on search results based on topic and location. As a way to maximise on your contents potential, Periscope will keep a backlog of your streams, the ‘best parts and replay highlights’.

This is a great, informal tool for reaching and connecting with your audience. Whilst you have the ability to stream over different platforms, you can also stream privately to select groups.


By this point, you’ve probably heard about Twitch. This live streaming platform is a hub for gamers, musicians, content creators and marketing opportunities.

Hosting over 140 million unique users per month, this live streaming software prides itself on the community it has built. And contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a gamer to benefit from Twitch. The platform has a huge millennial audience to tap into, which is why popular streamer will often market a diverse range of products. Twitch also offers pre-roll ads as a way for brands to advertise through niche personalities. On such a wide platform, you’d find it difficult to not discover your niche audience.

Wrap Up…

These are some great examples of free live streaming software that can be easily integrated into your brands marketing strategy.

Live video is a brilliant way to tap into your niche, whilst conveying your brands ethics, story and personality. It’s a great way to interact with customers, and shows that you are invested in their time and queries.

Make sure to check out Shopcast, the latest free live streaming software to hit the market. If you can any questions about it, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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