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6 Shocking Abandoned Cart Statistics; Increase eCommerce sales in 2019!

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Ever wonder why so many of your website visitors drop off before getting to the checkout? Well this list of abandoned cart statistics should provide a little more insight…

eCommerce is showing no sign of slowing down. In fact, it seems that more people that ever are using online retail stores to search for new and innovative products. Much like brick-and-mortar stores, people love to shop around. But how can we solve the issue of abandoned carts?

This is a key issue. It has been previously reported that almost two-thirds of your potential customers are adding items to their shopping carts before completing their purchase.

abandoned cart

Why Abandon Carts?

Discovering the main root of the issue is not so easy. Here are some of the most common:

  • Technical issues
  • Poor payment options
  • Delivery and returns options
  • Prices
  • Checkout process
  • Registration

With such a small space for error, it’s little wonder eCommerce brands are looking into every aspect of their websites to tackle these issues.

The following list will provide 6 must-know abandoned cart statistics to consider before moving any further with your eCommerce site.

The Stats

Overall, 67% of shopping carts are abandoned on eCommerce websites.

If you were to total the amount lost per year in abandoned carts, it would come somewhere close to $4.6 trillion in eCommerce sales.

On average, 56% of people who abandoned a cart said that the reason for leaving was due to being presented with unexpected costs before completing their purchase.

Interestingly, a recent report conducted by PayPal suggested that shipping charges was the number one reason why 43% of shoppers abandon their carts.

A separate study concluded that 23% of website visitors will abandon their shopping cart if they are made to create a new account to complete the purchase.

From implementing personalisation tactics, vendors can expect to see a 45% open-rate from follow-up emails. This is a big window of opportunity to nudge shoppers back onto your website.

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In a saturated industry, brand will have to dive deep into their websites if they’re to improve their abandoned cart rates. Is the checkout process smooth? Or is it clunky and irritating?

Many brands are already implementing personalisation tactics as a way of tailoring their visitors journey to suit their historical preferences. If you’re interesting in finding out more, check out Bunting Personalize for more info.

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