7 Conversion Optimization Tools Your Ecommerce Site Needs

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In an increasingly saturated market, eCommerce merchants are looking to differentiate their brand and services through innovative, cool eCommerce software.

There will be an estimated 1.92 billion global digital buyers in 2019. With this number set to reach 2.14 billion by 2021, the growth of eCommerce doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

In response to this demand, more eCommerce sites are landing on our screens every day. As you will know, unfortunately in today’s market it isn’t as simple as supplying great products on a basic website. There is much more to it than that. In order to scale your brand you must strategize, analyse, support and innovate.

Fortunately, developers are constantly releasing fantastic tools to help you achieve more eCommerce success. This article will talk you through the top 6 most useful, innovative and cool eCommerce software on the market right now.

Crazy Egg

ecommerce software

Crazy Egg is an online application that allows you to track your visitors on site journey. As a result, you can identify which aspects of your sites usability is failing and implement improvements.

Heatmaps, Scroll Maps and Click Reports provide visual representations of your visitors activity. This will indicate weather your CTA’s are effective, show how your visitors behave from email and ad campaigns and encourage you to organise your content in reference to importance.

User Session Recordings will help you understand the general pattern of your visitors journey from start to end; helping you identify drop-off points.

For the analytical amongst us, this is a great piece of eCommerce software to help understand your customer behaviour a little better.


Trial: Free

Account: $9 per month


ecommerce software

The land of web builders is very busy indeed. Which makes it difficult to land on a web builder that best suits the needs and objectives of your business. With over 400,000 website builds, Webflow is a website platform for business owners and web designers.

This eCommerce software is a visual tool, meaning you won’t have to involve yourself with any code and will not need the help of a developer. Your design is transformed into clean and preformative code that works well on all devices. There is no need to be refined by templates, the ‘drag and drop’ capabilities of Webflow allow your creativity to run free.

A built-in CMS means that you can make changes live on the go, such as image alterations or blog updates. In addition, this tool does not rely on a database, using Fastly CDN to make it faster and safer to use.


Basic Account: $12 per month

Business Account: $36 per month


ecommerce software

Oberlo is a marketplace that will help you discover products to sell on your eCommerce site. Their service allows your brand to dropship inventory, meaning you will never have to handle or ship your stock. It’s all done via third party.

If you need a little more convincing, Oberlo merchants shipped over 85 million products worldwide in 2015.

All you do is browse the marketplace then click to add products to your store. Once your site makes a sale, an order is placed with your supplier and they will sort delivery.

This eCommerce software is great for small business owners, but will still serve a purpose for bigger businesses too. With no time being consumed with handling and shipping stock, you have much more time to focus on marketing, customer service and business expansion.


Starter: Free

Pro: $79.90 per month


ecommerce software

Shopcast is the newest eCommerce software to hit the industry. This marketing tool is designed for influencer, brand affiliates and in-house experts to broadcast Live Video Streams directly from your website. Viewers can comment, vote, shop with time-sensitive discount codes and gain a deeper insight into your product range.

Think Youtube shopping hall, but it’s live and all the traffic remains on your site.


Basic: Free for life

Enterprise: Shoot over a message


ecommerce software

GrooveHQ is a customer service support tool. A single shared inbox combines your email, social media and chat inquiries to ensure that no message gets left behind. By giving multiple people access to a single inbox, your customers receive replies faster from the most relevant person.

You will also reduce time spent on support with a self-serving knowledge base. Groove will provide a report concerning the aspects of your knowledge base which are most useful – and which parts need a little more attention.

Groove also allows you to automate responses to frequently asked questions. Canned responses are a great way to answer simple questions and will save more time for your resources to deal with bigger issues.


Start: $15 per month

Pro: $39 per month


ecommerce software

SendInBlue is an eCommerce software that will help you build and grow customer relationships through automated email and SMS campaigns.

Marketing automation means that you can personalise your workflow; saving you more time to focus on your next big campaign. These guys also supply a lot of out-of-the-box templates to improve your users experience; all the way from welcome emails to abandoned cart reminders. You can drag-and-drop to design professional newsletters and build up your contact lists by saving information, collecting subscribers along the way.

They also have a ‘Send Time Optimisation’ feature which considers the best time for individuals to receive your marketing content. tracking Open-Rates, Click-through and KPI’s.


Entry: Free

Premium Model: £39


ecommerce software

Veeqo is a multichannel eCommerce software that allows retailers to manage multiple sales channels from a single platform. Orders are automatically synced when a sale is made, and inventory is pushed across all other sales channels – helping your stock to be accurate each time.

You can also manage the whole pick, pack and ship process by linking your carriers to Veeqo. The paperless picking feature keeps human error to a minimum and calculates the most effective route for your pickers to take. 


From £135 per month

Final Word

In the busy world of eCommerce, it is only sensible to stay on top of the newest eCommerce software and tools.

With so many options available on the market, choosing wisely really just comes down to your business objectives. These tools will help you manage your workflow, build healthy customer relationships and inevitably drive sales up.

Oh and remember, Shopcast is free to use. Test it out for yourself and get in touch if you have any questions.

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