Marketing Tools for eCommerce Managers

5 Best Marketing Tools for eCommerce Managers

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Are you looking to increase your marketing efficiency by learning about some of the best marketing tools for eCommerce managers?

It’s amazing how many marketing tools are out there offering marketers and agencies a vast array of functions and capabilities. From marketing automation tools to cutting-edge technology optimisation tools, there seems to be an unlimited number of options. But which are the best ones to invest in?

Last year saw a record boom for eCommerce worldwide, and it’s expected to grow exponentially as consumers increasingly favour buying online than in brick and mortar stores. In fact, digital marketing agency Spyralitics estimates that there will be around 2.1 billion digital buyers by 2021.

In the UK alone, total sales on the high street have declined after 24 years of continued growth. The Telegraph reports that half of consumers in the country already shop online. What’s more, by 2028, almost half of non-food sales will be digital. Retail and fulfilment giant Amazon continues to lead in this space, with over 90% of Brits using the platform.

Amazon - Food eCommerce

But according to market research think-tank Mintel, Amazon’s dominant position isn’t an uncontested one. One huge factor that threatens this position is the proliferation of tools now accessible to marketers and agencies, which gives them the capabilities of online retail giants at a much lower price.

But with all the options today, it’s easy to get stuck in the decision-making process. So to give you a head start, here are five of the best marketing tools for eCommerce managers.

Marketing Automation: HubSpot

Omnichannel is the new black. In today’s ever competitive eCommerce market, it’s hard to find a balance between meetings and monitoring metrics. At the same time, you have to make sure that the right message will be delivered to the right audience through the right platform. Enter marketing automation. Marketing automation software saves time and increases your overall response rate – pushing platforms to prioritise your content.

Hubspot’s marketing hub does just that. It enables you to integrate and automate your campaigns while giving you solid insights with its integrated CRM tools and Sales Hub. Compared to other automation software available today, however, Hubspot is easy to use and customisable.

Out of the box, it contains 10 powerful automation templates which you can edit and use. It includes email marketing and social media tools that you can use to program your campaigns and automate them in a way that’s in line with your business metrics. Hubspot’s automation software is also designed with small and medium businesses in mind, that’s why it’s easy to use and scale.

Website Personalization: Bunting

For years now, marketing has been largely data-driven, which has led to further Personalization of content in website messaging and experience. User behaviour data provides rich opportunities to create a tailored website experience for your visitors. We’ve found that providing this tailored service typically increases conversions and boosts cart volume massively.

Bunting - Personalization

Shoppers only really want to receive content that is relevant to them – location, interests, age, historical shopping preferences etc.

On eCommerce sites, there’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model. Individuals require a relevant shopping experience if they’re to choose your brand over a competitor. Personalize come with pre-made and customisable templates of message boxes and bars, feedback forms, and A/B split testing campaigns.

Bunting - Personalization

A good Personalization engine will generate the products, messaging and shopping experience that best aligns with the historical preferences of your visitor.

Site SEO Optimisation: Updatable

In the world of eCommerce and SEO, user experience is king. Poorly designed and unresponsive websites cost organisations a lot. Search engine optimisation has become more complex throughout the years, and websites have evolved to increase the chances of their site being prioritised by black box Google bots. From how sites are organised, to broken links and dark patterns, Google’s algorithms weigh all these and rank your site accordingly.

Updatable is a web development tool that lets you optimise your site for maximum conversion. The platform makes it easy for developers to edit and enhance a site without any lag or downtime. According to Google, it takes people just two seconds of loading time on a site for them to decide to abandon the webpage.

In fact, half of all searches today don’t even yield a click. That’s why a fast loading and user-optimised site can mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned purchase. You can ‘free yourself from a restrictive CMS’ with Updatable – meaning you don’t have to learn hard coding to use it. It deals with website bugs, content gaps, SEO failings, and web development backlogs to bring out the best version of your site.

CRM Software: Salesforce

Retention is fast becoming the top priority for companies around the world. Brand loyalty is a valuable currency in today’s competitive markets. That’s why organisations can’t underestimate the importance of good CRM tools. eCommerce managers can greatly benefit from CRM software, as they provide insights on customer trends and allow for deeper analytics. With the right CRM in place, you will have access to the critical information you need to add value to your marketing strategies. This will give you key insights to drive sales up and cut down cart abandonment.

Salesforce - crm software

Salesforce’s CRM provides a great assortment of sales and marketing solutions. The insights that their tools generate are very effective, providing information to help you customise your target audiences. In fact, according to an article on the Motley Fool, businesses who use Salesforce have received up to 32% more leads.

Salesforce - crm software

Social Listening: Awario

With the rising cost of pay-per-click ads, social media has become a haven for marketers for increasing organic reach. Social media marketing has now become one of the best tools for raising brand awareness, from initial purchase to aftercare. But even for smaller brands and businesses, it’s hard to keep track of all the mentions and conversations about your own or your competitors’ products. That’s why Awario is perfect.

Awario - Marketing Tools for eCommerce Managers

Awario is a social listening tool that lets you join conversations about your brand or find users looking for alternatives to your competitors. Being aware of your brand is especially important today, as any unchecked negative feedback can be difficult for your bottom line. As social marketing platforms like ManyChat and Shopcast develop, platforms like Awario will undoubtedly become an eCommerce essential.

Final word…

With the introduction of a few of these simple tools, your marketing teams’ efficiency can increase greatly.

There’s so much choice of marketing tools for eCommerce managers on the market today, so engage in some trials and get started! You’ll be surprised at how much more effective your efforts can be.

If you want to find out more about Personalization, get in touch with Bunting.

This article was prepared by Raven Jill.

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