A Bunting Product Recommendations Software Case Study

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See how Australia’s top lingerie retailer increased AOV by 9.6% with product recommendations

Personalised product recommendations have an undeniable impact on shoppers’ buying behaviour. One only has to look to personalisation pioneers, Amazon, who can attribute a third of their revenue to recommendations.

This week we’ll look at how one of Bunting’s great clients, Bras N Things, used recommendations to raise their average order values.

The challenge

Long established as Australia’s leading lingerie fashion retailer, Bras N Things wanted to step up their online customer experience in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Despite being a super successful household brand with 175 stores throughout the country, Bras N Things understood the evolving digital environment and the importance of implementing an effective personalisation solution. Bunting was chosen to deliver personalised product recommendations with a key goal being to maximise average order value.

The solution

  • Similar product recommendations were placed on product pages, to help shoppers find products that matched their preferences. These were split tested against their own inbuilt recommendations to see which solution was the most effective and to calculate ROI.
  • Persuasive social accolades such as ‘most viewed’, and ‘best seller’ were placed on recommendations to increase urgency, social validation and entice visitors to click on recommendations and make a purchase.
  • ‘Customers also bought’ cross sells were placed on the cart pages with the intention to raise order values.
  • The number of recommendations to be displayed = 5.


  • 9.6% increase in Average Order Value
  • 3.5% increase in visit duration
  • 3.3% increase in product views
  • 2.4% increase in visits

Bras N Things saw a big return on investment with Bunting’s solution clearly outperforming their own inbuilt recommendations. Average order value went up significantly, and Bras N Things customers showed a higher level of engagement with the site, with product views and average visit durations increasing. Delighted by what they found, Bras N Things  now employ personalised recommendations based on real order data throughout their site, as well as in their newsletters.

Want to try it for your store? Try a 30 day free trial of Bunting to see how product recommendations work for you.

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