Bunting and Shopify – an announcement…

Shopify users – exciting news is upon us *drum roll* …. Bunting is set to launch its shiny new Shopify plug-in very soon! This means Shopify users will be able to instantly access Bunting’s website personalization suite from the app store, and implement features like product recommendations or behavioural targeting with ease. Stores using Bunting can expect to see a minimum of a 10% rise in conversions, with significant benefits for both the vendor and consumer. Visitors will be more engaged as their shopping experience becomes more relevant and enjoyable.  The new plug in will also ensure an even speedier installation of Bunting’s tool into any Shopify store. shopify2 There is no doubt that website personalization is crucial to the success of an online store today – and a huge 94% of retailers agree.  Further research shows that this truly is the year to get personalizing – 91% of businesses are using or planning to use personalization in 2016. As for consumers, numerous studies have shown that a web experience tailored to personal interests is now an expectation. The Bunting team are super-excited to be working with Shopify and look forward to helping more stores raise their sales with real time personalization. So much so, that we’re offering a special prize for the first sign-ups… watch this space for more details! To find out more about website personalization – go here, or why not try a demo of Bunting’s tool now.

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