Bunting v6 Launches

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You may wonder why we chose the iconic villain HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey to headline this article. Well HAL and the new Bunting version 6 actually share a number of common characteristics. But before you get alarmed, read on:

  • Bunting v6, like HAL, is incredibly intuitive
  • allows you to find valuable insights from huge amounts of information with ease
  • helps you make quick, effective and measured improvements
  • equips your business with powerful machine learning intelligence

The only notable differences between Bunting and HAL are:

  • Bunting can’t play chess.
  • Bunting won’t try to kill you.

So what is Bunting?

Simply put, Bunting v6 is the world’s easiest to use website personalization app. Building upon the feature innovations of version 5, the latest release has seen our team focus entirely on usability over the last few months.

No longer must website personalization be a dark art, familiar only to marketing specialists and IT technicians. Now anyone can easily personalise their website around the individual needs of their visitors, to increase engagement, conversion rate and sales.

So what’s new?

Stunningly Minimal Interface

We scrutinised every last detail within version 5, listening to the feedback of our users along the way, and asked ‘how could this be made easier?’. Many features have been re-worked entirely to be simpler, while unnecessary options, menus and elements have been combined or stripped out entirely. Other important but less commonly used options have been conveniently relocated to ‘advanced’ tabs.

A crisp new interface design now sits beautifully in front of your website while you’re using it, adding context and greater immersion to a normally detached experience. Additionally, the entire interface is now fully mobile optimised, meaning you can check the progress of your experiments and even launch new content on the go, at the tap-of-a-screen.

Bunting sleek split-testing engine

New Visual Editor

Bunting now supports an interface that will be instantly familiar to those who already use tools like Optimizely. However, Bunting has re-engineered this technology to let you to enjoy a similar high level of user experience when setting up personalised content.

No other website personalization tool in the world that has been designed for SMEs and growing businesses supports such a level of usability today.

An example of what Bunting's editor looks like on the Coca Cola website
An example of what Bunting’s editor looks like on the Coca Cola website

Instant Personalization with new templates

To help beginners get started we have launched a set of new pre-made templates, which you can view, edit and launch on your website for free. All of these are designed to quickly boost your conversion rates and sales, by using the most successful methods we’ve tested over the last 3 years.

These take mere seconds to set up, meaning there’s no easier way to get started with website personalization than on Bunting v6.

Bunting's new template tool allows you to edit and launch new personalised content in seconds
Bunting’s new template tool allows you to edit and launch new personalised content in seconds

See it for yourself

We’re all very pleased here at Bunting with the result of so many months’ innovative work. But what do you think? After all, it’s your opinion that counts.

Give Bunting a try for free by creating your account today. The trial period is a full 30-days, with no credit card required to try it for yourself. If you want to improve your website fast and easily then you’ll love Bunting. Just don’t expect it to play you at chess…

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