Influencer Marketing

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7 Great Social Proof Examples; 2019 Edition

Looking to increase your brand visibility, trust and transparency? A list of examples of social proof is a good way to start. We can all agree, it’s pretty tricky to buy anything online these days without advice from a friend, […]

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YouTube, and why marketers are now shopcasting instead

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Micro Influencers: Authentic and Effective in 2019?

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Affiliate Marketing: Examples of How To Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

word-of-mouth marketing

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8 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tactics to Leverage Ecommerce Sales

social media influencer

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How to Create a Social Media Influencer Campaign in 5 Steps

social media campaign

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The 5 Most Inspiring Social Media Campaign Examples of 2019

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3 Influencer Marketing Mistakes You Really Want To Avoid

influencer marketing

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6 Influencer Marketing Platforms You Need For Your Next Campaign

Influencer Marketing Campaign

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5 Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples To Inspire You