The New Google Update for Pop-ups: Is Your Site Ready?

On the 10th January, the ever-evolving Google search algorithm will change. The big change in a nutshell? Google will now punish sites that use intrusive pop-ups or ‘interstitials’ on their mobile websites by lowering their search ranking. Do take note, that this is only affecting mobile sites. So, you won’t need to make any updates to […]

By: Bunting 2nd January 2017 Tags: , , , ,

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Mobile is Taking Over. Here’s What You Should Be Doing.

It’s official. Mobile is taking over eCommerce. Smartphones were previously considered to be a platform for browsing or researching products. However when it came to actually buying, that was left to the realm of desktop. Not anymore. In the UK, 48.9% of eCommerce purchases now take place on mobile; a significant rise from the 43% […]

By: Bunting 26th May 2016 Tags: ,

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