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6 Essential Content Marketing Examples; eCommerce 2020

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If you’re looking to increase brand visibility, tap into niche audiences and establish credibility, this list of essential content marketing examples will be a good place to start.

Content marketing is an approach that focuses on brands creating and distributing valuable content for their audience. This can be anything from blogging, social media posts, interviews etc.

If well received, producing relevant and consistent content will open up the channels for brands to retain and even attract an engaged customer base. Within niche industries, good and valuable content can often boost brand visibility, drive sales and contribute to increased repeat purchases.

This is good news, considering that studies show content marketing to typically cost 62% less than traditional marketing methods, whilst also generating around 3X as many leads.

content marketing examples

Sounding pretty good so far?

Some key advantages of incorporating the following content marketing examples include:

  • Increase brand visibility/awareness
  • Stronger customer relationship
  • Increases brand credibility and authority
  • Positions your brand as an industry expert
  • Traffic generator and improved lead generation
  • Opens new and fresh channels of communication

In a saturated industry, the consumer is beginning to demand more value out of the brands that they endorse. In response, it’s fair to suggest that a solid content marketing strategy should be a priority for the majority of eCommerce marketers.

Throughout the following, we explore 6 essential content marketing examples that every eCommerce brand should consider valuable in their marketing strategy.

Shoppable Content

content marketing examples

The lines are continuing to blur between brick-and-mortar stores and online retail. In response, ‘shoppable content’ has become one of the increasingly popular content marketing examples explored by brands.

In the digital world, we are consuming more and more content every day. A sentiment that seems to have bled into our purchasing decisions. In such a busy environment, people expect a higher quality online presence if they are to choose you over your competitors.

If your customers value from seeing your products placed in ‘realistic’ situations, then shoppable content is a great route to take. Merging the appeal of social media with the tactics of product placement, shoppable content is a great way to promote products, whilst also providing value.

Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf use their ‘Instashop‘ as a great way to glamorise their products in day-to-day situations. They display images on their website that come directly from their Instagram page. They often include user-generated content as a way to incentivise their audience to post content featuring Lazy Oaf products. These methods are also great for upselling items, subtly displaying multiple products besides each other, directing visitors to their checkout.

Live Streaming – Shopcast

content marketing examples

From the rise of television shopping came the YouTube reviewer. Now, Live Streamed video content is the next big wave to take over the eCommerce space – and it doesn’t seem as if it’s about to slow down.

Maximising your brands engagement and transparency, Live Streaming video content is one of the newest and most innovative content marketing examples amongst this list.

Shopcast is the latest live streaming tool to hit the eCommerce space. Rather than YouTube or Facebook Live, Shopcast allows in-house experts, influencers or brand affiliates to stream directly from your website. This way, the traffic belongs to you and not another platform. Brands have found that this boosts conversions, because there are limited distractions and your viewers are closer to your products.

Rebellious Fashion

Rebellious Fashion are an online retailer who sell womens clothing. They have been using Shopcast to promote new product ranges, whilst also interacting with their audience. They’ve previously used one of their influencers Molly as a presenter, who bought over a large chunk of her following to watch her stream from Rebellious’ website. Viewers could vote on products, ask Molly questions in real-time, gather a deeper understanding of products and interact with time-sensitive discount codes.

User-generated Content

content marketing examples

Although briefly touched on above, user-generated content is one of the great content marketing examples because it requires minimal time, cost and effort.

A its base, user-generated content is produced by buyers, but re-used by brands as a form of promotion. Most commonly seen on social media posts, brands will often encourage shoppers to post images featuring their products, by offering incentives. Competitions, giveaways and page features to name a few. It’s a clever way to enter very niche audiences through typically trustworthy channels.


ASOS can regularly be seen posting user-generated content through their Instagram page; sometimes making appearances on their main website too. It’s a great way to show ASOS products in different locations, on different people in different ways – it’s as realistic as it’s going to get!

In fact, ASOS recently pulled off a pretty clever marketing stunt after a girls Tinder tweet went viral; a screenshot of a conversation she had with a guy on Tinder who didn’t seem to like her dress. ASOS soon caught wind, identifying the dress as an ASOS product. In response, ASOS added the girls picture to the product page of the item as a way to show the mystery man that his opinion was redundant… quick thinking right?

Influencer Marketing

In the social media era, influencer marketing is a very popular choice amongst this list of content marketing examples.

Distributing content amongst influencers is a brilliant way to tap into your niche target market. By considering your options carefully, you can choose influencer who hold the audience you have been scouting out. Influencers are typically very good content creators, which takes a lot of the work out of your schedule. They understand what is well received amongst their audience, so they will likely convey your brand in a fresh and innovative manner.

If you don’t have a huge budget set aside for a celeb, don’t worry. There’s much more to influencer marketing than it’s given credit for. Try out micro-influencers. They hold a smaller, more niche followings and their level of engagement tends to be pretty high.


content marketing examples

There’s lots of retail brands who are dominating the influencer marketing space, but progressive underwear brand MeUndies stand out particularly.

These guys hand pick their influencers to promote the products that best suit their image. By using a diverse range of personalities, MeUndies is able to portray its strong brand values. Through these channels, they are able to offer discounts, promote new designs and voice positive support for communities and social causes. MeUndies proves how varied, wide and diverse influencer marketing can be.


content marketing examples

In the midst of social media, there is still a heavy demand for well written informative content. In response to this, many brand are choosing blogging out of of long list of content marketing examples.

Blogging is a fantastic way for brands to update their website with innovative and regular content. This resonates well with audiences, because it proves you are engaged with their interests, open to resolving queries and provide quality information.

Not only that, but a good blog will help your brand along its way to ranking for long-tail keywords. Remember, it’s essential to optimize your content for SEO. It’s also great for boosting your chances of attracting links on other industry websites.


content marketing examples

Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company based in the states. These guys maintain a pretty impressive, informative blog to keep their readers engaged, entertained and knowledgeable. Diving into terminologies, science and lifestyle of having a beard, this blog is great at providing extra value to their loyal followers, whilst promoting their products.


Although eCommerce is a constantly evolving business sector, there is still a place on this list for traditional content marketing examples.

If you want to target a specifically niche audience, releasing magazine content can be the idea solution. It’s a great way to explore a wide-range of relevant topics, providing value to those who demand it.

In the digital era where most information is stripped down and directly to the point, loyal customers still seek valuable information and insights. Not everybody likes disposable, so it’s important to nurture the customers who still value you as an industry expert. Plus, speaking to an engaged consumer-base is a great way to continue a relationship whilst education and promoting your latest products.


content marketing examples

Up-market fashion retailer Net-A-Porter have embraced the power of magazine content by producing their very own physical magazine copy, ‘Porter’.

This is also available as a digital version, but speaking personally, I still love the availability of having a physical magazine. It adds a little more value to the copy you’re reading and shows that the brand have taken pride in their content.

Porter hits key news and topics within the fashion industry, with experts providing valuable insights. Whilst their readership is given great reads, Porter is also a great form of content marketing. Promoting the latest products from their site, educating and entertaining their readers. Ensure to consider physical copy in the digital world, it may give you the edge over competitors.

Final word

In a fast-moving industry like eCommerce, you will fall behind if you do not maintain an up-to-date perspective.

With so many verticals to push content, it’s best to test out different avenues and figure out what works best for your business. Don’t be afraid to try out new methods (or even old), you might just find the missing piece of your marketing strategy puzzle.

Oh, and make sure to check out Shopcast, Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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