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7 Essential Customer Service Statistics; eCommerce Report 2019

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On the hunt for eCommerce customer service statistics to help you polish your strategy? You’ve found the right place.

In the saturated land of eCommerce, brands who provide a shabby, under-par service are not likely to succeed.

At a time when every individual has an open platform to voice their feedback and opinions, there is increasing pressure amongst eCommerce retailers to up their standards and provide a higher quality service.

Chat bots, improved UX, personalised offers and discounts, and live streaming are some of the means that brands are implementing to ensure their customers that their voice is heard and their loyalty is appreciated.

customer service statistics

But how effective are these implementations and what more can be done to improve your eCommerce customer service?

Here are 7 eCommerce customer service statistics to help you get up-to-date with the industries latest trends and innovations:

The Stats

  • Even though online retail is not a face-to-face transaction, quality ecommerce customer service remains a trait that 4/5 people value. In fact, 80% of people will stop doing business with a company if they feel they are providing poor customer service!

  • Your online shoppers value the exchange of communication; after purchasing an item, 83% of shoppers in the U.S. expect regular communication and updates regarding their order order.

  • Providing a poor service is money down the drain. In the U.S. alone $62 billion is wasted each year as a result of poor customer experiences.

  • Shoppers are beginning to demand a higher value experience when they shop online. A recent study concluded that 46% of consumers would like more eCommerce product comparisons, whilst 42% would like to see more testimonials.

  • Brands are seeing the importance of eCommerce customer service as being an investment for the future. 76% of companies consider a customers lifetime value as an important metric of the brands overall success.

  • As for the companies who maintain a strategy for customer-journey management, they increase their return on investment, as well as up-sell and cross-sell revenue by 56%.

  • Brands should consider the nurturing of first-time customers as an important metric, considering 48% of all eCommerce transactions come directly from repeat purchasing.

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As the lines between brick-and-mortar and online retailers become more blurred, shoppers expect to be rewarded through their loyalty to brands. Customers shopping online expect the same treatment as they would receive in a physical store.

There is also, of course, the need for retailers to stand out amongst a saturated market if they are to succeed. Many retailers are implementing tactics to improve communication, personalisation and user-experience.

For more essential ecommerce statistics, categorised by subject, with references, download the full, free report:

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