Ecommerce Marketing: 6 Things That Will Rock The Industry This Year

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Ecommerce is one of the most rapid growing industries of today.

If we look back at 2018, an approximated $2.8 trillion was generated in yearly sales. With a prediction that this number will exceed $4.5 trillion by 2021, there doesn’t seem to be many signs of it slowing down.

Innovation continues to exceed expectations about what ecommerce can achieve. Throughout this article, we’ll run you through our predictions about what you should expect to see for the future of ecommerce marketing.

Influencer Marketing Shifts

The effectiveness of Influencer Marketing has rocked the industry somewhat recently. But this is not a bad thing, fraudulent behaviour needs to be addressed.

Luckily, marketers are adjusting to the need for implemented measures. As a result, brands and audiences are finding far more authenticity in the use of micro-influencers. This is not a new trend, but it is set to continue gaining popularity.

As crowds seek higher authenticity, influences will adopt methods of improving the relationship they hold with their following. We can expect to see more creative and innovative ways to produce content. We should expect to see far more interactive methods of communication, such as live streaming and social shopping. And followers will grow to demand more transparent relationships between the influencer and the brand they represent.


Ecommerce and Social Media

Social Media and Ecommerce have seamlessly grown alongside each other.

Over recent years the two have become increasingly linked. With Instagram introducing shopping links and Facebook’s success of Marketplace, this relationship is growing.

A huge chunk of social media as we see it today, is catalogues of content showing branded products. Whether it be directly from brand pages, or through user-generated content, social media’s aid of ecommerce marketing will intersect and develop even further.

The power of influence, and peoples love for shopping has enabled the two to marry quite well – take the historic success of QVC as an example. This can be broken down into a basic principle, entertainment mixed with shopping generates sales, and will continue to do so.

Ecommerce and Social Media

Live Shopping

One thing that marketers have learnt over the past few years is that people love video. Live Streaming has become an increasingly popular form of communication, with 80% of people preferring to engage with video than read a brands blog.

Leading the global ecommerce industry, China have already started testing methods of integrating live video with the shopping experience. Alibaba recently broadcast a groundbreaking live fashion show, in which viewers could pick up items as they saw them walked.

Live Shopping does seem to answers the contemporary consumer’s need for insightful detail and overall urgency. These methods appear to be adding greater value to the ecommerce space with levels of interaction growing.

Live Shopping


Shopcast combines entertaining content with the shopping experience. This social shopping tool allows your ecommerce site to turn into an interactive social platform.

Social media can sometimes act as a barrier for retailers, with customers often dropping off in the distance between an influencers post and the checkout. Shopcast actually allows influencers to broadcast live from ecommerce sites, bringing their followers along with them. It’s pretty cool.

You can start using Shopcast for free today.

Shopcast - Bunting

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a brilliant way for brands to effectively use the channels available. If done correctly, your audience will be supplied with a seamless brand identity and experience.

This marketing method requires a collaborative effort from all departments. But uniform brand experiences are set to become more in demand. Sales will benefit from a brands online presence matching that of their physical stores. We will eventually observe a shopping experience that is personalised and interactive throughout all of a brands channels.

As brands expand their means of communication, it is important that these remain harmonious and benefit one-another.

Onmi Channel

Personalisation and AI remain the backbone of Ecommerce

The more we shop online, the more information about our buying habits is collected. The ecommerce experience becomes easier to navigate because AI systems are getting better at knowing what we want to see.

In general, the consumer is not opposed to this, in fact we seem to be welcoming it. In a recent SalesForce report, it was discovered that 57% of participants were willing to exchange data for the benefit of personalised offers and discounts.

AI will increasingly be used to perform the tasks that humans aren’t very good at. Optimised search allows engines to generate search results based on our purchase history. Also, location-based systems inform us about deals and offers relative to our locale. This is great news for marketers, campaigns will become far more targeted and direct than previous methods.

Advances in AI systems will also continue to combat the issues of online fraud. Humans can not always recognise the signs of wrong doings, but AI can be programmed too.

Rebellious Fashion


As we progress more as an industry, it only makes sense to stay on top of the latest methods of communication. It is important to stay updated with technology if you are to succeed as an ecommerce platform.

New tools are emerging all the time, you shouldn’t be resistant to changing your ways. Take advantage of the opportunities that are out there, you may be missing out on an awful lot of reach.

Remember, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have about Shopcast.

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