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Ground Breaking Software Improving Ecommerce Conversions Globally

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Anybody working in ecommerce, from the website developer to the pick and pack teams at the end of the order process understands the need to convert visitors into orders. Not just to convert, but to keep converting and keep customers happy enough to come back, again and again.

“We invest in the best products to supply our customers with, we employ the right staff with the best training and knowledge of our products, and we designed a website that should make choosing and buying those products a simple and pleasurable experience, so we expect the revenue to come flooding in”  sound familiar?

Due to ultra high levels of competition and huge variation of choice we now find online, simply having the best products and the nicest website is no longer enough to drive most Ecommerce businesses in the way we set out to.

So why? What’s stopping us? At Bunting we look much deeper than just visitor numbers, products and user experience to determine what’s needed to achieve the order values and volumes your business requires.

Bounce Rate

Something we sometimes overlook. It’s main cause, lack of relevancy from product landing pages or the content within them. Did what your customer searched for truly match what they found? Its cure, improving that relevancy to make the visit more targeted and personalised to each user.

Cart Abandonment

Possibly the most frustrating part of the whole process in question. The marketing has done its job, the website too but something stops the final commitment. It could be a change of heart or a lack of understanding on the customers part, was it an issue with the checkout process. If we recover cart abandonments we can improve turnover by between 10-30% in most cases.

Low Average Order Values

The relief and pleasure from completed orders never fades in Ecommerce but it can sometimes be tainted with the question “why did they not spend more” or “why only one purchase, when there’s so many related items”. In such a competitive world, having higher order values and customers that purchase more than one item are vital. If the website has the ability to offer and suggest those additional, relevant products, we stand a greater chance of higher order values.

These issues are something the biggest websites such as Amazon and Next have spent thousands looking to fix. Now we understand much more about that fix.

Website Personalisation Software

Recommendations Based on Real Order Data

Bunting analyzes each and every order that is made through your website, and uses the data to make the most intelligent recommendations possible, while our point-and-click interface means that it’s never been easier to equip your website with super-intelligent automated product recommendations.

Unique Experience for Every Visitor

Each visit experience can be individually moulded to the behaviour of the visitor on your website. First time visitor? Show them reassurances that you’re a trustworthy and reliable outlet where their details will be safe. International visitor? Clearly let them know that you deliver to their location. Gender? Browsing device? Order history? The possibilities are endless.

Smart Context Optimization

Bunting also intelligently alters the nature of the products it recommends based on context. Is the shopper viewing their shopping cart? If so, Bunting will adapt recommendations to offer complimentary products – much like supermarket checkouts displaying chocolate bars. Is the customer viewing a product? If so Bunting will recommend other popular alternatives, normally of equal or greater value – just like a successful store salesman.

Bunting’s unique, advanced algorithm technology is designed to help your website sell more effectively than it ever has done before!

Target customers for valuable feedback

Collecting customer feedback is vital to improving your website, and increasing your sales. However, many feedback systems can annoy customers while they are shopping. Bunting has a targeted feedback form system, allowing you to ask questions to different visitors at key points in their visit, without distrubing active shoppers.

Have shoppers with products in their cart, but who haven’t yet checked out? Ask them if there’s anything stopping them.

Have shoppers who haven’t added anything to their cart, but who’ve been browsing your website a while? Perhaps they’re struggling to find what they’re looking for – ask them!.

Bunting is also compatible with other feedback apps, so you can continue to use your own app in combination with Bunting for improved behavioural targeting

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Bunting is designed to improve your sales, not suck resources from your sales team. That’s why Bunting cart abandonment is completely automated. All you need to do is specify what emails you want sending and when (literally a 10 minute job), and Bunting will do the rest. Easy!

Once the main Bunting code is installed (a very easy 10 minute task) no additional setup is required, regardless of how much you change your cart abandonment settings. Customizing your cart abandonment process is as easy as logging into your Bunting account and updating a form. No IT knowhow necessary!

Click Fraud Protection

Suspicious your competitors may be clicking your ads? Bunting will help you find out! Download a comprehensive click fraud activity report, detailing all suspected click fraud activity. This can be submitted to your advertiser (eg Google) with a request for a refund on monies spent.

Write a deterrent message that will be displayed privately to this suspect when (s)he next visits your website via a PPC advert. Effective for stopping individual click fraudsters, such as your competitors, from continuing their activity.

Increase Subscriber Engagement

Relevant content is key to engagement and sales. You may already segment your newsletters to improve this. However, newsletter segmentation is time consuming and has limited scope. With Bunting however you can easily personalize your newsletters for every individual recipient, using our product recommendation widget.

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