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5 Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples To Inspire You

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Marketers are stretching the boundaries of social media to new lengths, giving heavy focus to their influencer marketing campaign.

In saturated industries, brands are fighting to separate themselves from the crowd. As the consumer expectation increases, the right influencer marketing campaign will push innovation and awareness.

So, how do you increase awareness and aim content at your target market? Marketers are turning to influencers. These guys are becoming ever more popular in the campaigns of big brands for good reason. With 49% of consumers depending on influencer recommendation, it makes sense that brands are collaborating with online personalities.

This post will explore work from some of our favourite brands, assessing their best influencer marketing campaign.

There is an awful lot out there, so let us know if you think there is any that we should have included.

Boxed Water

‘Showing how helping them can help us’

Boxed Water is a ‘bottled’ water manufacturer born out of Holland. In a desire to tackle the world’s issues with plastic consumption, Boxed Water created a ‘water carton’.

With the U.S. Forrest Service estimating 700,000 acres of degraded land in need of reforestation, Boxed Water created a sustainable packaging source. Soon after launch, Boxed Water became a member of ‘1% for the Planet’ organisation. This was a pledge to donate 1% of sales revenue to environmentally-minded organisations.

In an influencer marketing campaign created to spread awareness, Boxed Water increased environmental and brand awareness through its ‘#ReTree’ campaign. #ReTree promised that for every social media post using the hashtag, two trees would be planted in national forests.

Over a three-month period, influencer marketing was used to spread the campaign’s awareness. If we consider that Boxed Water held 53,000 followers at the time, 73,000 trees were planted as a result.

Boxed Water Influencer Marketing Campaign

Daniel Wellington

‘Proving that you can create a lifestyle image around a brand before it even exists’

Daniel Wellington first emerged after the company’s founder sparked interest with a stylish Brit, sporting a vintage watch with a NATO strap.

Seven years down the line Daniel Wellington now generates $228 million annual revenue. How? by distributing over a million classically designed watches with interchangeable straps.

Daniel Wellington understood the importance of developing an online following, but knew it would be tricky. They began sending free watched to online personalities. These individuals had a following that matched the target demographic. Soon enough, influencer marketing was able to craft a sought-after lifestyle image around the watches – and people loved it.

The best reception came from millennials. Steering from corporate convention, influencers were able to provoke an organic interest, rather than a forced one. The product was pictured as a desirable product in everyday environments. It was cool and obtainable to have a Daniel Wellington on your wrist.

Today the hashtag #DanielWellington boats over 1,800,000 posts on Instagram. Fans are encouraged to keep posting images with the hope of a free watch and a spot on the brands Instagram page. All they do is post a picture of their watch with the hashtag ‘#DWpicoftheday’.

Daniel Wellington Influencer Marketing Campaign


‘Spotting a gap in the market and overflowing it’

HiSmile began as a start-up out of Australia after spotting a gap in the online market for dental care. Today, the team of 55 turned a $20,000 investment into an annual turnover exceeding $100 million.

An LED teeth whitening tool is the bread and butter product of HiSmile, also they also sell toothpaste, gel and mouthwash.

Social media was initially used as a free way to spread brand awareness. Product kits were sent out to influencer marketers who held the 16-24 year-old demographic. The cost was low but the results had a positive impact. Opening up a new market, the reception soon gained traction.

Today, HiSmile has moved far from the days of free kits. Mustering up huge celebrity endorsements with the likes of Kylie Jenner at the top of the list.

In fact, in a move of sheer innovation HiSmile tapped into the ‘modern man’ demographic. Recognising a heavily saturated female client base, HiSmile needed the partnership of an influential male celebrity. Who better to kick off a influencer marketing campaign than UFC star Connor McGregor? If a cage fighter couldn’t convince men to whiten their teeth, who could?!

Nik Mirkovic, a founder of HiSmile revealed that McGregor’s participation has lead to a ‘nearly 50/50 split‘ in male to female clients.

HiSmile have an untouchable grasp of the online millennial market and know exactly how to influence.

HiSmile Influencer Marketing Campaign

Calvin Klein

‘Reinventing the classic’

Founded in 1968, I’m sure that you have probably heard of Calvin Klein by now.

Back in 2014 however, it seemed that the brand wasn’t resonating with the millennial market. Calvin Klein was viewed as a classic brand, something appreciated by an older audience.

The team set out to craft an influencer marketing campaign that would spread awareness to the millennial market. But it was also vital to maintain appeal to their bread and butter demographic.

A range of iconic celebrities were cherry picked to become involved in the movement. Following the hashtag #MyCalvins, influencers were challenged to upload a picture sporting the brand. They stated what they do best wearing Calvin Klein. The campaign paired the celebrity’s talent with the quality and exclusivity of Calvin Klein products. A brilliant way to enter a new target market whilst also improving the self-brand of the influencer.

Statistically speaking, the theme of desire and exclusivity conveyed through the project was a success. The campaign mustered the brand a global reach of 469 million with 23.5 million interactions. In fact, since the start of the project the brands Instagram page has gained 2.2 million followers.

Calvin Klein Influencer Marketing Campaign


Keep it local to go global.

Having been around for over 140 years, Heinz is recognised globally as a dominant figure in the condiments market.

However, a couple of years ago Heinz proved that entering a new market is beneficial for your wider brand image. By teaming up with local influential chef Santi Roif, Heinz used Instagram to tap into the Brazilian audience in a very clever influencer marketing campaign.

Through geolocation, locals would interact with promoted Instagram stories conveying the production of Roif’s burger. What was laced on top? Heinz sauces. If interested, viewers would be given the option to ‘swipe up’ as a way to place an order for delivery. The process of the order was recorded on Instagram and sent through direct message to the individual. Alongside the burger, Hienz included a gift package including a bunch of their condiment range.

The instant nature of the campaign created an urgency and buzz around what is a fairly simple product. By turning cravings into reality, Heinz were able to show themselves as the answer to unfulfillment. An engaging, innovative way to use local resources for global outreach.

Heinz Influencer Marketing Campaign

The Influencer Marketing Campaign Wrap Up…

The brands we have explored throughout this post, are leading the innovation of the industry, one influencer marketing campaign at a time.

A great product is one thing, but getting the correct marketing campaign is another (it doesn’t always have to break the bank). Gaining access to the target audience with influencer marketing campaigns that resonates with consumers is the ideal way to build a brand image.

Don’t be afraid to steer away from the norm and test out innovative marketing methods. You can also check out Shopcast, Buntings new influencer marketing tool!

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