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6 Influencer Marketing Platforms You Need For Your Next Campaign

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In the height of popularity, influencer marketing continues to adapt and innovate the marketing campaigns of today.

As a proven method of spreading brand awareness, driving website traffic and increasing sales conversion – it is easy to get lost in the execution of an effective influencer marketing campaign.

Brands have previously found themselves in hot water after their influencer marketing campaigns have missed the brief. Not knowing where to look, using the wrong influencer, aiming at an off-target audience. We all know that tapping into that goldmine source of followers can be tricky.

Fortunately, the market has welcomed many tools to help combat these issues. Simple to use and effective in practise, we outlined our top 6 influencer marketing tools that will help you discover the most on-brand, innovative influencer.

Get in contact to let us know your experience with these tools, or for any recommendations that you think we should have included.


Influencer Marketing

Kicking off first, we have Upfluence. This full-service agencies’ tool has been noted as the ‘Google of Influence’.

Pairing you with influencers from any social media channel, Upfluence use’s geolocation, social network metrics, language, activity levels etc. integrated into a search engine tool. You can define these filters in order to manipulate your search results to match the requirements of your brief.

Influencer Marketing

To make things even easier for you, Upfluence allow you to manage your campaign directly inside the tool. Import contacts in bulk, set your budget and campaign goals, manage partnership applications and review drafts posts before final release. Through real-time access to campaign statistics, you have access to all media posts, engagements ratings and monthly statistics scores.

Upfluence provides convenience and insight into your campaigns’ management. Your can measure and build upon your KPI’s and work towards a simple and strategic influencer marketing campaign using this tool.

Ninja Outreach

Next, we look into Ninja Outreach. Similar to Upfluence, this search tool allows you to manipulate a filtered search on a system of over 20 million influencers. Ninja is very good at providing upfront information about its influencers through their catalogue, allowing a far more informed final decision.

Influencer Marketing

Simple and clean-cut, marketers can contact influencers directly through a pre-set sheet integrated into the tool. Initially, you are provided with an engagement rating, also provided with access to their average cost per post.

One of Ninja’s main strength is their influencer rating features. Each individual is provided with a rating based on their average like and comments per post. By providing an insight into the level of engagement, you reduce the risk of Influencer fraud and are more likely to find an appropriate match.

Influencer Marketing

By providing a CRM feature, you are able to track and manage conversions and partnership request effectively. These guys even provide a Chrome extension, making it easier for you to add potential leads to your contact list whilst browsing online.


Pitchbox pride themselves on their ability to generate the most authoritative publishers through top SEO providers. Multiple prospecting profiles and initiative keyword search allows you to find an influencer that will suit your niche in a matter of seconds.

Influencer Marketing

The main advantage of using Pitchbox is the ability to customise and personalise your outreach and follow up strategy. Customise your email campaign to target opportunities without manual input. Additionally, you can schedule automatic follow-ups boosting response rates by an average of 62%.

You can keep track of the outreach process; from broad strategy to campaign and user specifics. Pitchbox’s white-labelled management, client and team reports you can refine your outreach strategy to optimise efficiency and maximise results.

Influencer Marketing


Reelio was set up by a small group of friends who all share an equal passion for film, music and tech. They idea of Reelio came to light as a way to support independent and innovative creators, enabling them to make original content.

Influencer Marketing

The role of Reelio is to match you with the most relevant influencer to engage in your campaign. Through the help of an additional feature, brands are also able to advertise and pitch campaign ideas to a catalogue of influencers. This means that influencers will only contact you if they show a real passion and interest. This feature saves time for both parties and can lead to healthier future relationships.

Reelio still stays true to its roots by supporting organic, innovative content and looking after the smaller influencers. We previously spoke about the importance of micro-influencers.

Influencer Marketing


Dovetale is a clever tool that holds a lot of popularity with those concerned with data. ‘Monitor’ allows you to analyse social media growth and highlights the influencers and competitors who engage in your content.

Influencer Marketing

‘Discover’ tracks the highest trending accounts and provides a rating for their engagement. You can also see how many ‘bot’ engagements they draw, protecting you from partnering with fraud accounts.

‘Campaigns’ is there to organise the work flow. Easily share campaign details with creators and even schedule payments through the ‘Payment’ feature. Finally, you can build and share reports based on all this data collected. Dovetale keeps your Influencer Marketing campaign simple and direct.

Influencer Marketing


Shopcast is a little different to the other tools on this list, but that is because there is nothing like it on the market yet.

Influencer Marketing

With two main functions, the primary feature of Shopcast allows influencers and in-house experts to broadcast live, directly from any ecommerce website. Individuals can tune into your website to shop alongside influencers. Interacting, engaging and most importantly, purchasing. This tool cuts out the middle man, by allowing influencers to draw their following directly to your site and promote your catalogue of products whilst there.

The secondary feature, FriendsChat brings back the social element of shopping. This plugin enables groups of friends to interact with one-another whilst shopping online – all through a pop-up chat box. Its kind of like the messenger pop-up on Linkedin and Facebook, but available for instillation on any site.

Shopcast starts from a free plan, with the option to expand.

Influencer Marketing Wrap Up

Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. These tools are designed to help you tap into the resource of followers that influencers hold… a goldmine for brands who are struggling to reach their target audience. The exposure that influencer marketing can evoke is endless, especially on a platform as diverse as social media.

Make sure to keep on top of this fast-moving industry by becoming familiar with the latest tools.

Do not hesitate to get in touch regarding Shopcast, we would love to answer any questions!

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