IRX 19: A Recap

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Last week saw the return of the Internet Retail Expo (IRX) come to the NEC, Birmingham!

As one of the UK’s largest eCommerce shows, this year saw appearances from some of the industries top players. At Stand G37, we at Bunting showed up to release a ground-breaking eCommerce tool… an effort worth two years in the making.

Surrounded by eye-catching stalls, innovative talks and insightful workshops, this years IRX really showcased eCommerce’s cream of the crop. Some offered Amazon gift cards, others offered cold beers and sandwiches… but one thing was unanimous, this years IRX was centred around increasing customer value and exhibiting brand personality.


The repeated sentiment of the IRX was about the importance of looking after your repeat customers. In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, online retail can often seem a disposable place. But it does seem as if brands are trying to escape this.

We are communicating more effectively than ever before, brands are working hard to convey their personality and portray their values. The aim is to get your shoppers to become brand advocates, make them do the work for you by investing time into them.


Our Bunting stall was buzzing. Showcasing our new social shopping tool, Shopcast is an ecommerce plug-in that allows affiliates, influencers and in-house experts to live-stream video directly from your site. Viewers can ask questions, comment opinions, vote on products and follow the presenter as they explore your product range. Pretty cool right? Other people certainly thought so too.

We met some brilliant people from some fantastic brands. We gathered some very valuable feedback which will contribute to the success of Shopcast. So, thank you to everyone who came over for a chat.


We might not have stuck to the original plan, but Steve’s talk went ahead on day 2 – even if it was over Skype from a hospital room.

In almost perfect timing, there was no way that Steve could get down to Brum and miss the birth of his first child! Ever the problem solver, Steve hopped on Skype and gave the ‘Social Shopping’ talk to a packed-out audience. People gathered to hear the future of ecommerce and influencer marketing; the response was brilliant.

People were excited about the idea of bringing the social aspect back into online shopping. Personalisation is one step in the right direction, but allowing your customers to invite their friends to a chatbox build into your ecommerce site is another.

Others loved the idea of merging their physical stores with their online presence. An overwhelming response from retailers who planned to broadcast products from their physical stores, showcasing/demoing them via Live Stream on their site.

One idea was reoccurring; provide a service that will transform one-time customers into your brand advocates.


The two days quickly came to a close, it was time to pack our stuff and shoot. All that was left to do was drag our very big monitor to the pub, and chew over all the information. Until next year IRX!

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