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10 Useful Marketing Conferences You Should Attend in 2019

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In the digital area of today, it is more important than ever to build and solidify business relationships. What better way to expand your network and make an impression on your industry, than to attend one of the top marketing conferences around the globe?

Marketing conferences are the perfect way to discover new methods and products, expand your network of connections and explore the world. Here is a run down of the best 10 this year… enjoy!

Social Day

Location: London

Date: 1st-3rd May

Social Day is a social media conference held in London, this year welcoming over 700 industry expert attenders. Packed out with talks, panels and workshops, this 3-day conference is ideal for those looking to network within the social media marketing space with like-minded individuals.

Running its third annual event, this year’s list of contributors is packed out with talent. Guinness World Records will offer insights into curating a diverse level of content and engaging with Gen Z. Amazon will talk through their plans to integrate voice experiences into the social media space. The BBC will explain their use of data in understanding Gen Z interests. And KFC will talk through their strategy of weathering a social media crisis… along with loads more!

Price: £350

E-Commerce Summit

Location: Barcelona

Date: 20th-21st May

The E-Commerce Summit is one of Barcelona’s biggest marketing conferences – hosted in a relaxing five-star hotel. Designed solely for networking, industry experts will be joined by retailers and brands. The bad news, well it’s invitation only. But this does mean that those who attend will be treated to exclusive content, personal networking and a fantastic ambience (from what we’ve heard).

The two-day summit will mainly focus on the European market, split into three different verticals:

  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Home & Living
  • Food & Care

In addition to keynote speakers, the summit provides one-to-one meetings with industry experts, providing tailor-made advice. Nike, Ikea and ASOS are just a few brands joining…


Location: London

Date: 10th June

In a customer centric industry, Hypergrowth is one of the marketing conferences that brings together the next generation of leaders. Sharing strategies for building, selling and marketing. Due to overwhelming demand in previous years, Hypergrowth is heading to three locations this summer – London, San Francisco and Boston.

marketing conferences

With Casey Neistat on the bill last year, this show is not unfamiliar to drafting in talented innovators. This years London show will see appearances from Jimmy Chin (filmmaker, photographer and athlete), Sarah Kennedy (Chief marketing officer at Marketo) and Victoria Pendleton (Olympic champion)… with much more still to follow. Check it out for yourself, this one is all about celebrating the rule breakers.

Price: £420

Turing Fest

Location: Edinburgh

Date: 27th-29th August

Turning Fest is a cross-functional tech conference, returning to Edinburgh this summer. The three-day event has 3 main focuses for its 3000+ attendees:

  • BUILD: engineering, product management, design and data
  • GROW: marketing, growth, revenue and customer success
  • LEAD: culture, strategy, scaling and leadership
marketing conferences

Over the three days you can expect to see panels, workshops, social gatherings and keynotes. Speakers can be seen from big brands, such as Intercom, Yoast, Hubspot and Shopify. Turing Fest will help develop your skills in building products, expanding business opportunities and leading teams.

Price: £349 (early bird)

Learn Inbound

Location: Dublin

Date: 15th-16th August

Learn Inbound is one of the digital marketing industries top marketing conferences. Supplied with top talent, this conference will share tactics, strategies (in SEO, PPC, CRO), analytics, PR and content marketing. By combining a bill of industry expert speakers with an engaged audience, the networking possibilities are brilliant.

marketing conferences

This year’s list of attending companies is pretty impressive, with the likes of Google, Ryanair and Paypal set to make an appearance. This may seem like one of the smaller-scale marketing conferences on the list, but the event is designed to be intimate and personal. If you’re looking to liaise with industry experts, check this one out for sure.

Price: £249 (early bird)

Growth Marketing Summit

Location: Frankfurt

Date: 3rd September

The Growth Marketing Summit will be held in Frankfurt this September. Hosting a selected line-up from the industries leading experts, you can expect to unveil the best-kept secrets behind effective optimisation.

The backbone of this operation? KonversionsKRAFT, they are pioneers in the global conversion optimisation community. Experts in digital growth, these guys use established methodologies and data-driven processes to increase growth rates… Vodafone is a good example of their work.

Price: £780 (early bird)

Brand ManageCamp

Location: Las Vegas

Date: 17th-18th

The Forbes ‘Must-Attend’ conference, Brand ManageCamp will be returning to Las Vegas this September. Hosted by leading experts in branding, marketing and customer experience, this event will explore a 360-degree view of brands. Every aspect of the event is focused on actionable insights, meaning that attendees can apply their learning to their own branding.

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This year sees appearances from some key influencers in the industry. Jay Baer, Tamsen Webster and Steven Lee Olsen are just a few names from a long list of talent. Each speaker is pushing the boundaries in their respective industries, passionate about delivering experience and knowledge to a mindful audience.

Price: $2195


Location: Nottingham

Date: 30th September

MarketED.Live is a conference started for business owners, collecting the latest knowledge, advice and strategies from the industries leading experts. The aim of the conference is to improve your marketing strategy by gaining more understanding about multiple marketing disciplines. You will learn bout matching methods that work hand-in-hand with one-another.

marketing conferences

With a long list of guest speakers, there are some bright sparks that should not be missed. Elizabeth Stokoe is a professor of Social Interaction, providing information about her experience in conversation analysis and language. Fili Wiese is an SEO expert who can help successfully recover your site from Google penalties. Teresa Heath-Wareing is a social media and marketing expert (and a TEDx speaker on the side). The list goes on… make sure to keep an eye on the site, the speaker’s page will be updated.

Price: £177 (early bird)

Affiliate Summit Asia Pacific

Location: Singapore

Date: 1st-2nd October

Representing over 40 countries with its 1000 attendees, the Affiliate Summit Asia Pacific will once again grace Singapore this October. The two days will feature key networks and tech providers in Asia, showcasing the next generation of leading advertisers. Last year’s show provided an interactive affiliate marketing 101 for content sites, influencers and bloggers.

marketing conferences

Finishing with a six-hour networking event, this show is set to be packed with the industries top affiliate marketers, merchants, vendors, tech providers and traffic sources. The list of attending brands is huge… American Express, airbnb, Nespresso and Sephora amongst loads more.

Price: Unconfirmed

DMWF Expo Global

Location: Netherlands

Date: 25th-26th November

The DMWF Expo Global has been returning annually for 10+ years. This event connects the worldwide digital marketing community, in order to tackle the new challenges that digital marketing is facing. Over the 2 days, you can expect top-level strategic content, digital marketing insights and a lot of networking. These keys trends will be covered this year:

  • Digital Marketing Tech
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Influencer Marketing
  • UX
  • CX
  • eCommerce
  • Content Marketing
  • Data/Analytics
  • Mobile
marketing conferences

With a long and varied list of expert speakers, you can also expect to see live demos, product launches and premium networking lunches. This conference is huge, and bound to be packed with the latest tech trends to hit the marketing world.

Price: £795

The events above are filled with fantastic opportunities to network, educate and strategically plan your brands next big marketing move!

Let us know if you’ve had experience with any of these conferences in the past. With so many to chose from, which marketing conferences would you recommend?

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