7 Ways To Optimize Your Site For More International Customers

The ecommerce landscape is changing fast, and international consumers now comprise a substantial portion of your potential buyers. Not convinced? Consider this: the biggest e-commerce market today is China, with the region’s online spending expected to surpass 1 trillion dollars by 2019. Overall, e-commerce is growing fast in a multitude of economies but research frequently […]

By: Bunting 17th May 2017

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Bunting at the IRX 2017 – a recap of a great show!

The Internet Retailing Expo 2017 was a blast. Those of us from Team Bunting who exhibited had a great time at the show and loved the opportunity to meet so many inspiring e-commerce professionals and leaders. It was an action packed 2 days at the Birmingham NEC, with some of the biggest names in multichannel retail in […]

By: Bunting 11th April 2017 Tags: ,

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Getting Started With Personalization: 5 Tests to Try for a Quick Conversion Lift.

Getting started with personalization can be daunting, with seemingly endless tests to try for that all important conversion uplift. Getting to grips with the machine learning technology required to implement personalization can also feel like an intimidating task. But it shouldn’t. Firstly, it’s important to establish your goals. What do you want to achieve with personalization? Is […]

By: Bunting 24th February 2017 Tags: , , , ,

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Bunting will be at the IRX 2017. Here’s why you should join us.

The world has changed a lot in the last year with plenty of surprises along the way. The world of online retail is no exception. What are the new challenges in retail, and how can you overcome them? What are the biggest opportunities – and where? A good way to find the answers to these […]

By: Bunting 13th February 2017 Tags:

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How to Win eCommerce Conversions With Personalized Content Marketing

Last Friday was National Chocolate Cake day (apparently). I mention this for no other reason than it reminded me of a great piece of e-commerce content marketing by the much-loved chocolate brand, Cadbury. Cadbury isn’t a brand usually associated with baking. But, a central feature of the Cadbury website is a rather tasty looking recipe […]

By: Bunting 3rd February 2017 Tags: ,

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5 Personalization Ideas to Beat the January Blues, and Sell More

It’s January. It’s back to work after the festive rush, and things are certainly slower. Selling off stock in January sales may bring in some bargain-hungry shoppers, but conversions are generally lower as consumers feel the pinch after the last quarter’s spending. This isn’t all too surprising. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now such […]

By: Bunting 13th January 2017

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The New Google Update for Pop-ups: Is Your Site Ready?

On the 10th January, the ever-evolving Google search algorithm will change. The big change in a nutshell? Google will now punish sites that use intrusive pop-ups or ‘interstitials’ on their mobile websites by lowering their search ranking. Do take note, that this is only affecting mobile sites. So, you won’t need to make any updates to […]

By: Bunting 2nd January 2017 Tags: , , , ,

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How to Up Order Values with ‘Stocking Filler’ Product Recommendations

With the Christmas shopping season in full flow, it’s worth considering some new ways to boost sales and order values. This Christmas, a new Bunting feature is available – ‘stocking filler’ recommendations that can be filtered by price, allowing you to promote smaller, lower priced items. Stocking fillers are often bought impulsively in-store, and these […]

By: Bunting 2nd December 2016 Tags: , ,

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Bunting 7 – here are 7 reasons why it’s our best yet

At Bunting, we evolve and refine our tools often – but we couldn’t do it without our users. We listen to what our customers need, and shape our software solution around them. This is why we’re so proud to announce the release of version 7 – our latest and very best update yet. We listened, we responded, […]

By: Bunting 18th October 2016

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What Did We Learn From the eCommerce Expo This Year?

Last week, the Bunting team traded sunny Manchester for drizzly London, but all for a good reason: the eCommerce Expo. We spent 2 days at the Olympia speaking to a wide range of e-commerce professionals, demoing our tool and hearing inspiring talks covering all aspects of e-commerce. It was the first time the expo was co-located with […]

By: Bunting 7th October 2016 Tags: ,

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