Protect Your Bottom Line: Currency Considerations for Online Sellers

This guest post has been provided by our partner World First, an award-winning foreign exchange specialist that helps online sellers get more for their money when making currency transfers. There are a lot of things that an online seller has to be aware of. From logistics to listings and tax to translation, it’s hard to […]

By: Ben Prince 16th May 2016 Tags: , , ,

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Maximising Your Customers – an Ecommerce Seminar with Bunting and I-COM

Maximising Your Customers I-COM and Bunting are pleased to invite you to a free breakfast seminar in Manchester on the 29th of June. With online marketing continually changing, being at the forefront of technology is pivotal to business growth. In this seminar you will gain insights into how personalisation can make a great impact on […]

By: Bunting 13th May 2016 Tags: , , ,

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How to create the perfect abandoned cart email

As any ecommerce merchant knows, abandoned carts are the most frustrating and ongoing source of lost revenue. A well cited statistic from Baymard Institute shows an average abandoned cart rate of a huge 68.53%. The most frustrating part of this is that even when you have done all in your powers to completely optimize your […]

By: Bunting 29th April 2016 Tags: , , ,

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#ShopifyMeetupNorth – Join Us For An Evening of eCommerce Insights

We’re excited to announce a great Shopify Meetup North event. We’d love you to join us and other eCommerce merchants for a night of mingling, networking and sharing insights about online shopping trends and the industry-leading Shopify platform. The Shopify community is growing fast, and to mark our new partnership with the platform, we’ll be speaking at […]

By: Bunting 22nd April 2016

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5 essential e-commerce resources you should be reading

Keeping up to date with the latest insights and trends in e-commerce is not easy. There’s an abundance of content out there, all wrestling for your attention – which makes actually finding quality reading material an overwhelming task in itself. To avoid drowning in content, here are 5 excellent resources that Team Bunting highly recommends… […]

By: Bunting 4th April 2016

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Why you should attend the Business Show this May

Want to spend 2 fun-filled days learning insider tips and tricks to help your business grow? For FREE?! To mark Bunting’s return, we want to invite all our users and followers to the Business Show, which will take place May 11th and 12th, 2016. Bunting made quite an impact at last year’s Business Show, making […]

By: Bunting 29th March 2016

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Bunting and Shopify – an announcement…

Shopify users – exciting news is upon us *drum roll* …. Bunting is set to launch its shiny new Shopify plug-in very soon! This means Shopify users will be able to instantly access Bunting’s website personalization suite from the app store, and implement features like product recommendations or behavioural targeting with ease. Stores using Bunting […]

By: Bunting 17th March 2016 Tags: ,

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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Ecommerce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an often overlooked stat. In essence, it tells you the rate at which visitors are leaving your site after viewing one page. Sometimes this is ok – a visitor may be looking for information, find it, and then leave. Job done. However, as is too often in e-commerce, a high bounce rate […]

By: Bunting 11th March 2016 Tags:

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Email isn’t dead … but if you don’t personalize, it will be

Email marketing has been getting some hard press as of late. Some of this is understandable – emails are becoming increasingly easier to ignore, and, with emerging channels competing for consumers’ attentions, many argue that email is a dying medium. But the facts remain: email is still one of the biggest traffic drivers, it is 40 […]

By: Bunting 3rd March 2016

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Power of Personalization in 60 seconds: Bunting’s world first interactive demo

Personalization. Every marketer is talking about it. 91% of them are now prioritising it. So it would be safe to assume that they’re all doing it – right? But surprisingly enough, a large number of retailers have barely started personalizing their stores. A one-size-fits-all site means a huge loss of potential revenue for the vendor. But despite this, […]

By: Bunting 22nd February 2016 Tags: , ,

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