How Rebellious Fashion Cleverly Used Cutting Edge Marketing To Become An Ecommerce Success

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Rebellious Fashion are an ecommerce female fashion retailer that pride themselves with keeping on top of the latest trends, offering a wide range of items at an affordable price.

In order to maintain and grow their online presence, Rebellious use Social Media, Influencer Marketing and Personalisation… along with a few other marketing methods that we’ll touch on later.

In just a few years, Rebellious Fashion have cleverly managed their marketing techniques to ground their feet as an established brand in the fashion industry today.

This post will talk you through some of the key methods that Rebellious have used in order to capture a firm hold on their target audience.

Social Media Presence

Although it may seem simple for a fashion retailer, maintaining a strong social media presence isn’t always easy. Rebellious are an example of a brand that uses social media very well, essentially using platforms to spread brand awareness and portray their authentic brand personality.

Rebellious opt for Instagram and Twitter as their choice of outlets. Although due to their huge amount of engagement, it seems that their Instagram holds a lot more value to them, obtaining a following of just over 820k.

The majority of the content posted on their Instagram is created by influencers and brand affiliates. However, you will also see user-generated content posted. Social proof is a powerful way to prove your brands worth, as well as acting as a means of showing appreciate for customers

Rebellious often encourage engagement from their following. A great example of this can be seen in a recent competition conducted on Instagram. Followers are told to Like the post, Follow the account and Tag 3 friends in the comments in order to be entered into a a draw for £100 Rebellious voucher.

Rebellious Fashion

At a very low cost to the business, such methods are great for building up your audience and driving more site traffic. Remember, it’s all about the exposure.


Personalisation in ecommerce has evolved to become an extremely beneficial tool to provoke customer satisfaction and retention, often leading to increased loyalty. Providing your guests with a tailored experience makes them feel as if they have taken a short-cut from your landing page to the checkout.

Rebellious Fashion

Rebellious use Bunting in order to implement various ways of creating this tailored customer experience. By conducting split tests, Rebellious are able to maximise on the potential and effectiveness of the tool. Creating a space that is most effective for converting sales through the following methods:

  • Product recommendation are a proven revenue-driver. Driven by data, guests are displayed items that match their typical shopping habits. The shopping journey is made far more convenient for the quest, thus encouraging more sales.
  • Urgency messaging creates a higher demand for items and shortens the time of purchase. Time-sensitive offers and social proof tools encourage guests to act faster, snatching up items before they are no longer available.
  • Triggered scarcity messaging, such as ‘Free Delivery with orders over £50’ incentives guests to explore more of the Rebellious product range. Shoppers are far more likely to boost their shopping cart for a small reward, and shows customers that Rebellious care about their shopping journey.

These methods have contributed to an average 18.5% uplift in conversions… pretty cool right?

Rebellious Fashion

Influencer Marketing

A huge amount of brand awareness created by Rebellious comes from their use of influencer marketing. This is a great way to aim content at your target demographic, conveying brand personality and authenticity.

Rather than over-spending on huge celebrity accounts, Rebellious cleverly create a far wider reach by using many smaller-scale influencers; typically between the 20,000 to 200,000 followers mark. Content is aimed at their target audience, and far more likely to reach the desired demographic.

Rebellious Fashion

As the influencers act as the content creators, Rebellious have a constant stream of images to share. Re-posting images of influencers who hold respectable reputations increases the value of the brand, also showing that they have their finger on the pulse of the fashion industry.

These methods are uniform throughout their social channels, also using influencer images to display items on the Rebellious website. This is a clever way to display products… it provides a depiction of items in a ‘real-life’ situation and conveys a sense of approval from a trusted source.

Rebellious Fashion


Rebellious are very good at maintaining their position as a leading fashion brand in the ecommerce industry. They are always looking for innovative ways to market their products, recently opting to use Shopcast (a Live Shopping tool).

Influencer Molly used Shopcast to broadcast directly from the Rebellious website via Live Video Stream. Visitors were able to view, comment, vote, purchase and follow Molly as she talked guests through her top product picks.

The Rebellious website turned into an interactive entertaining platform whilst customers could shop. The value of the shopping experience and Molly’s role as an influencer increased as a result, proving Rebellious’s open-minded approach to tackling the ecommerce industry.


To Summarise…

As a takeaway from this post, it seems that the success and growth that Rebellious are witnessing can be partly due to their fresh approach to marketing.

Rebellious are not afraid to get their products out in the open, exposing their range to the exact demographic that they are chasing after. This experience is designed to be streamline and rewarding to customers, and it seems to be working very well.

If you have any questions about Shopcast, don’t be afraid to shoot us over a message.

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