YouTube, and why marketers are now shopcasting instead

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“Thanks for watching, everyone, and don’t forget to visit our site while stock remains!!”

These are the closing words of many popular YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos. Good content combines knowledge sharing, entertainment and live discussion, and can drive higher customer engagement than any other medium.

Yet sales from these vids are often surprisingly lacklustre. Maybe you’ve noticed in your own numbers? To understand why, we need to put ourselves into the viewer’s shoes. 🧐

Hurdles to Your Website

Let’s say your brand is broadcasting on YouTube, and you urge the audience to go to your website and buy. Not only have you just asked these people to essentially stop watching your video, but also to leave the conversation.

Some shoppers may not have finished listening to you. Others still want to chat. And sadly, most are lost thanks to the many distractions YouTube adds to keep people from leaving (‘Recommended Videos’, ‘Up next…’ etc).

Video shopping holds unparalleled marketing potential, but it’s really little wonder that videos often underdeliver in sales.

There must be a better way. 🤔

Successful Brands Are Shopcasting

Many retailers are now using a new technique, called shopcasting. This allows you to broadcast your product videos directly on your store, in a window that looks a lot like a live chat app. It’s instantly familiar, and that’s partly why it works so well.

There are a multitude of major strategic advantages that shopcasting provides over traditional social network broadcasts. However, they all ultimately boil down to one thing – more sales:

  1. Shoppers can watch and chat simultaneously while they browse your site, no matter what page they’re on.
  2. Shoppers grow familiar and comfortable with your website while they’re watching, which reduces your bounce rate
  3. No distractions from competing YouTube media and ads
  4. You own the traffic

Additionally, because shopcasts are promoted with a simple link, you can attract viewers from all your marketing channels (every social media platform, your newsletter, website, etc), instead of just one.

So effective is it that, in a recent study, we recorded conversion rate lifts of over 400%. You can read about how one retailer did it, here.

What you can do to maximise video sales

For ecommerce brands today, it’s more important than ever to produce original, authentic video content. But to ensure you’re maximising sales, the broadcasting method you choose arguably plays an even greater role

That’s why the best brands are swapping their underperforming YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos with shopcasts that really drive growth. And you can too, because getting started with Bunting’s Shopcast is now free for life.

Curious and want to see more? Click to see shopcast, or simply Google ‘Shopcast’, as we’re the market leaders 😊

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