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The 5 Most Inspiring Social Media Campaign Examples of 2019

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In a heavily competitive marketplace, marketing teams are having to get creative if they are to stand out from the crowd through a social media campaign.

Anything is possible through digital, incentivising brands to really stretch the standards of those previous. Whether it drums up a positive or negative response, a social media campaign can be very effective in its ability to create a conversion around a brand.

The year is flying and already we have seen hard hitting campaigns that have tested the boundaries of the internet; from heart-shaped sausages to empowering female narrative.

Through this post, we will cherry pick our very favourite social media campaigns of the year and explain why they hit the mark and got you lot talking.

M&S Love Sausage

M&S social media campaign

Valentines is a day to show appreciation to that special someone in your life. What better way to show that affection than a sausage in the shape of a heart?

M&S took to Twitter to announce their Valentines Day special and it certainly got people talking. Using the power of conversation, the initial post was tactically followed shortly by a press release that gave a little more detail about the product. Providing this legitimacy created a far greater buzz online.

The press ate it up and engagement from a younger audience skyrocketed. Whilst M&S is an established and valued brand amongst an older audience, this social media campaign allowed them to tap into a new, younger demographic.

Whilst some respondents were left confused and slightly unnerved by the post, it showed M&S as a brand with a sense of humour. M&S knows how to start a media storm.

WWF 10 Year Challenge

WWF social media campaign

Social media was a busy place in January, with the #10YearChallenge showing how much can change over a decade. Lot’s of people uploaded recent images of themselves next to one from 10 years prior, showing how much they’ve ‘progressed’.

Amongst the celebration of ‘glow-ups’, conservation organisation WWF decided to re-frame from vanity with another hard-hitting social media campaign.

Drawing upon the deforestation crisis in Asia, the comparison image posted (above) brings awareness to climate change. Specifically the long-term consequences of soil erosion, limited water recharge, flash flooding and smog.

Although scepticism emerged surrounding the legitimacy of the images, the campaign drummed up an awful lot of attention. It was clear from the comments section that the post inspired many conversations. We were reminded that the condition of our planet is far more important than our individual selves… a sore subject to some in the world of social media, which may have been the root of some of the campaigns criticism.

WWF-Pakistan later followed up the post by stating that they would be planting 1.4 million trees by August this year. A statement that sceptics would find hard to criticise.

Guinness Clear

Guinness social media campaign

“We created Guinness Clear to help you feel the benefits of spacing your drinks out with water”.

Taking over sponsorship of the Six Nations, Guinness reminded punters to drink responsibly through a funny but effective social media campaign.

Contrasting with the famous image of the ‘black stuff’, Guinness created a satire video depicting all the benefits of Guinness Clear (water). Viewers were reminded to pace their drinking, look after their mates and stay hydrated at the pub during games.

Although a lighthearted promotion for the brand, the social media campaign showed that Guinness takes responsibility for the effects of it’s products. A very clever way to show compassion whilst promoting the brands product.

Nike Dream Crazier

Nike social media campaign

As you will know, Nike are not unfamiliar with creating a powerful social media campaign.

This February, Nike used International Women’s Day to celebrate female empowerment in the face of stereotypes. Narrated by Serena Williams, the 1.30 mins clip explored poignant and inspiring moments from the achievements of female athletes.

“If we show emotion we’re dramatic, if we want to play against men we’re nuts… If they want to call you crazy? Fine, Show them what crazy can do.”

The advert uses successful sportswomen as a metaphor to challenge the barriers that society holds against gender equality. Speaking out about these issues is a fantastic way for Nike to be recognised as a conscious brand, whilst also promoting its products as an aid to be bold and empowered.

HSBC We Are Not an Island

HSBC social media campaign

If there has been a social media campaign this year that was responsible for generating controversy, HSBC is up there.

The 1 minute ‘We are not an Island’ clip starring Richard Ayoade assesses modern globalisation. “We watch American TV on Korean tablets and struggle with Swedish flatpacks”… explores how the worlds countries and cultures impact our lives every single day.

Although the banks political position towards Brexit has been no secret, the campaign does remind us that we are part of something far greater than our immediate environment. Whichever side of the fence that you sit, we can all agree that this campaign rustled up conversation.

Alongside the online video, a print-led campaign also celebrated the connections and achievements between major English cities… “but we are not an island, we’re a hive that’s part of something far, far bigger”.

Social Media Campaign Wrap Up

It seems as if brands are stretching to new depths in order to promote their products. Whilst some have taken a political stance, others have taken a conscious route to build trust.

Whichever way it falls, we can see that brands are beginning to convey far more personality and legitimacy through their marketing campaigns. As the industry becomes more saturated, maybe customers are looking for traits that represent more than just a brand logo.

If you have any questions about the contents of the post, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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