How to Up Order Values with ‘Stocking Filler’ Product Recommendations

With the Christmas shopping season in full flow, it’s worth considering some new ways to boost sales and order values. This Christmas, a new Bunting feature is available – ‘stocking filler’ recommendations that can be filtered by price, allowing you to promote smaller, lower priced items. Stocking fillers are often bought impulsively in-store, and these on-site recommendations provide a similar opportunity; letting shoppers grab a few smaller items on their way through your store. Splashing these recommendations at various touch-points can be a great way to increase conversions and order values. One way is to create a list of ‘trending’ or best-selling Christmas gifts under a certain price on your homepage. By serving up an added bit of social proof, you’ll increase your products’ desirability by showing what’s hot at the moment. You could alternatively display them on your cart page to up order values, along with personalised cross-sells. stocking-filler-recommendations

How to do this with Bunting

To do this, go through the usual process of inserting your recommendations in your desired place. Right click and go to ‘settings’. bunting-price-filters Here, you’ll find options to choose the maximum (or minimum) price for your displayed products. Make your choice, set an A/B test, and watch the results come in! screenshot-results-1 ~ Happy experimenting, and let us know how it goes! Not a Bunting user? Found out more about our award-winning e-commerce personalisation technology here.

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