Power of Personalization in 60 seconds: Bunting’s world first interactive demo

Personalization. Every marketer is talking about it. 91% of them are now prioritising it. So it would be safe to assume that they’re all doing it – right?

But surprisingly enough, a large number of retailers have barely started personalizing their stores.

A one-size-fits-all site means a huge loss of potential revenue for the vendor. But despite this, many are daunted by the seemingly huge task of wrestling with data and segmentation – and many don’t even know where to begin.

We want to change that.

Today Bunting has launched a world first interactive demo, allowing you to easily and quickly implement personalization on your website. No hassle. No techie knowledge needed.

bunting demo
By clicking on the demo, Bunting will show you how its set of powerful features would work and look on your online store, and guide you through each stage with helpful tips along the way.

Take a browse through Bunting’s ready made templates for a host of proven ideas to help increase conversions and visitor engagement.

person demo

Got 60 seconds to spare? Have a go at Bunting’s demo here and see what it can do for your online store.