18 Practical Ideas for Ecommerce Personalization

A common question for users experimenting with ecommerce personalisation is this: What personalisation should I use on my site? Personalisation is limited only by the imagination, however, it always helps to get hold of some some tried and tested ideas to play with. It’s important to note, however, that what works for one website won’t […]

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Mobile is Taking Over. Here’s What You Should Be Doing.

It’s official. Mobile is taking over eCommerce. Smartphones were previously considered to be a platform for browsing or researching products. However when it came to actually buying, that was left to the realm of desktop. Not anymore. In the UK, 48.9% of eCommerce purchases now take place on mobile; a significant rise from the 43% […]

By: Bunting 26th May 2016 Tags: ,

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How to Use Website Personalization for a Killer Homepage

First impressions count. And when does this matter most? When a visitor lands on your website’s homepage. It’s the shop window of your store. A place where visitors’ eyes will browse quickly, and decisions to stay (or go) will be made within seconds. So, making the most of this space is, quite simply, essential to the success of your […]

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Protect Your Bottom Line: Currency Considerations for Online Sellers

This guest post has been provided by our partner World First, an award-winning foreign exchange specialist that helps online sellers get more for their money when making currency transfers. There are a lot of things that an online seller has to be aware of. From logistics to listings and tax to translation, it’s hard to […]

By: Ben Prince 16th May 2016 Tags: , , ,

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Maximising Your Customers – an Ecommerce Seminar with Bunting and I-COM

Maximising Your Customers I-COM and Bunting are pleased to invite you to a free breakfast seminar in Manchester on the 29th of June. With online marketing continually changing, being at the forefront of technology is pivotal to business growth. In this seminar you will gain insights into how personalisation can make a great impact on […]

By: Bunting 13th May 2016 Tags: , , ,

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Bunting and Shopify – an announcement…

Shopify users – exciting news is upon us *drum roll* …. Bunting is set to launch its shiny new Shopify plug-in very soon! This means Shopify users will be able to instantly access Bunting’s website personalization suite from the app store, and implement features like product recommendations or behavioural targeting with ease. Stores using Bunting […]

By: Bunting 17th March 2016 Tags: ,

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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Ecommerce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an often overlooked stat. In essence, it tells you the rate at which visitors are leaving your site after viewing one page. Sometimes this is ok – a visitor may be looking for information, find it, and then leave. Job done. However, as is too often in e-commerce, a high bounce rate […]

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