Bunting and Shopify – an announcement…

Shopify users – exciting news is upon us *drum roll* …. Bunting is set to launch its shiny new Shopify plug-in very soon! This means Shopify users will be able to instantly access Bunting’s website personalization suite from the app store, and implement features like product recommendations or behavioural targeting with ease. Stores using Bunting […]

By: Bunting 17th March 2016 Tags: ,

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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Ecommerce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an often overlooked stat. In essence, it tells you the rate at which visitors are leaving your site after viewing one page. Sometimes this is ok – a visitor may be looking for information, find it, and then leave. Job done. However, as is too often in e-commerce, a high bounce rate […]

By: Bunting 11th March 2016 Tags:

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