3 Innovative eCommerce Product Recommendation Examples; 2020

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Looking to optimise your eCommerce site with an innovative list of Product Recommendation examples?

As the world of eCommerce becomes more saturated by online retailers, brands are doing everything in their power to capture customer loyalty by providing a more tailored and personalized shopping experience than their competitors.

One of the core essentials in creating this experience is through implementing relevant Product Recommendations.

Traditionally, these were the added suggestions that appeared on product pages. But more recent innovations have led retailers to get creative, targeting visitors at key points of their buying journey. This has left us with a whole variety of Product Recommendation examples to consider.

ASOS Product Recommendation Examples

When done properly, Product Recommendations are a favoured form of website Personalization for eCommerce retailers. This is mainly because they’re cost-effective, boost average order value and give products a vast amount more exposure.

With all that spare screen space, why wouldn’t you want your brand show off as many products as possible?

But, in the same way that users can find pop-ups irritating, we’ve seen some Product Recommendation examples that have certainly missed the mark when it comes to usability and relevance.

Your Product Recommendations should behave like a shopping assistant, providing support and suggestions throughout your shoppers’ journey (up-selling along the way, of course).

Amazon Product Recommendation Examples

What’s even more effective, are Product Recommendations that are based on your visitors shopping history. Data-driven Product Recommendations are a huge revenue driver that can boost conversions massively.

In fact, a recent study concluded that 57% of customers would be willing to give away personal data in exchange for more Personalized offers and discounts.

Of course, you also have the option to split test your Product Recommendations. This way, you can play around with different combinations and targeting options in order to land on the most optimised strategy.

And if you loose shoppers along their journey, you can make sure to send them a Product Recommendations reminder via email. We’ve found that attaching a small incentive, such as a 10% discount code to be very effective.

Now you know the basics, let’s take a look at some innovative Product Recommendation examples in practise.

Product Recommendation Examples…


Berghaus are an outdoor clothing retailer who sell long-lasting, quality products.

Within a busy industry, Berghaus maintain a substantial conversion-rate by up-selling and cross-selling products at key stages of the buying journey.

Berghaus Product Recommendations

On products pages, shoppers are given the chance to ‘Build Your Bundle’ with products that typically align with the one they’re viewing.

There’s also an ‘add bundle to basket’ option to make the process more seamless. Providing this exposure to relevant products it a great way to increase order value without being too pushy. If you don’t show shoppers what they’re missing, they will never make the purchase.

If this isn’t your thing, Berghaus also offer a section for ‘Customers Also Viewed’. People do not like FOMO, so it’s best to show your visitors what they’re missing using a data-driven product recommendations engine.

Berghaus Product Recommendations

Berghaus have also added a ‘Caught Your Eye’ section to remind shoppers to revisit the products they’ve historically taken an interest in. This Product Recommendation example behaves as a great revenue-driver because it subtly pushes your shoppers to reconsider the items which have already resonated with them.

For those who do not make it to the bottom of the product page, Berghaus have integrated a Product Recommendation into their ‘add to cart’ pop-up, a small incentive that can go a long way.

Berghaus Product Recommendations

For this to be an effective way to up-sell, it’s important to use an intelligent and robust Product Recommendation engine, to ensure that your website visitors are faced with relevant and tempting suggestions.


Wineware is an online retailer who specialises in glassware, shelving and other wine-related accessories.

In the nature of their industry, you can find Product Recommendation examples all over the Wineware website. With consistent reminders, they do a great job at displaying their ‘Top Sellers’ as a clever way to prove legitimacy and convey value. The idea of best sellers is great because it shows that you have regular buyers who shop with you often.

Wineware Product Recommendation Example

We really like how Wineware incorporate Urgnency Messaging into this Product Recommendation example at the checkout.

This touch of Personalization informs shoppers that they will receive Free Shipping if their cart size reaches £50. Typically lower ticket items like glass cleaner and cleaning cloths, these smaller items are far more likely to be added to a basket than a wine rack would. Small add-on like this are great revenue drivers and also overcomes the problems that customers have about paying for postage.

Often these kinds of recommendations at the checkout can acts as an incentive as well as a reminder for customers. How often do you pick up mints at the checkout in a supermarket?

Rebellious Fashion

Rebellious Fashion are an online female clothing retailer who have found a great deal of success by using the following Product Recommendation examples.

As a large part of their marketing campaign, Rebellious have implemented homepage product recommendations.

Rebellious Fashion Product Recommendations

For an online retailer, the website landing page is the ‘shop front’ of your brand. It only makes sense to greet your guests with your most popular products, your trending items and your latest product additions.

Rebellious do a great job at displaying their trending items, along with the popular influencers who model them (a good way to inject more personality into your product range). Providing these short-cuts ensures that the buying journey is maintained as quick and efficient as possible.

Avoiding drop-off for your first-time visitors is an extremely difficult task, but showing your best performing items will only reduce this risk.

Rebellious Fashion Product Recommendations

In a clever way to further integrate their Influencer culture throughout their website, Rebellious offer a ‘Shop the #RebelGirl Look’ option at the bottom of their home page.

For those who rely on a little inspiration when shopping online, displaying multiple products in a single image can be a brilliant incentive for trying out new items. If you see how well a top looks with a pair of trousers, you’re more likely to try out both, right?

Rebellious Fashion Product Recommendations

Another great Personalized feature of the Rebellious website is their alternative search results, with Personalize ensuring that relevant alternatives will appear on Search Fail pages.

You can see above how I searched for a pair of Green Jeans. Unfortunately, Rebellious don’t sell green jeans (maybe fortunately). But their search engine takes the search term and provides the most relevant results. ‘No items found’ is a negative response, so remember to focus on the positives.

Final Word…

The world of eCommerce is a busy place. It’s important to create a tailored and Personalized experience for your visitors if they’re to stick around.

Product recommendations are a brilliant way to offer a helping hand, whilst strategically increasing your average order value.

You want your visitors to know exactly what they’re missing, but there’s a fine line between helpful and pushy. It’s important not to irritate visitors with an ineffective Product Recommendations engine, or you might just end up worse off!

These examples were some innovative ways that you can implement Personalization tactics to your eCommerce site. Make sure to check out Bunting Personalize and get in touch if you have any questions.

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