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Why Website Personalization Matters

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Why does website personalization matter? There can be a striking difference between the cold and impersonal world of online retailing and visiting your friendly neighbourhood shop. If you visit a local shop regularly, the retailer will get to know you, they will greet you when you enter the store and, most importantly, they will get to know your likes and dislikes.

If the shopkeeper knows you, and has a new line they think you might be interested in, they will show it to you. Even if it’s the shopper’s first visit to the shop, the shopkeeper has learn’t that products that appeal to a man are likely be different from those that appeal to a woman and respond accordingly. Both you and the shopkeeper are winners, here. You get to buy the stuff you actually want and they get to sell more and increase turnover.

So why can’t this also happen with an online store? The answer is it can. E-commerce giants like Amazon target their content very cleverly. Amazon’s product recommendations account for a whopping 30% of their sales because Amazon use a very clever algorithm that is constantly analysing visitor behaviour and using as much intelligence about the visitor as possible to target product recommendations that the visitor will be interested in.

Amazon enjoys more conversions, increased traffic, more repeat visitors, higher sales and happier customers as a result. Imagine what the possibilities are if your website could adapt to what the individual visitor wants.

Help is at hand

This is where Bunting can be a big help. Bunting brings the same power of intelligence that Amazon enjoys to e-commerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. We help all kinds of e-commerce website owners from small home based operations to large, blue chip, multi-nationals.

Using intelligent product recommendation, behavioural targeting, personalized newsletters and cart abandonment strategies, Bunting significantly raises e-commerce website sales and you can try Bunting for 30 days free of charge. By split testing website visitors (some with Bunting in action, the others without) the website owner can make a properly informed decision on return on investment.

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